The Lego Camera Tours the Internet

Thanks to some high profile links, my Lego Camera has been getting a surge of attention. My life is complete after being mentioned on BoingBoing, Metafilter, Engadget, and Digg.

Thanks to everybody for your kind words, and links! Hopefully my bandwidth will hold up, and some of you guys will come back! On a related note, you probably noticed the Google advertisements cluttering up my beautiful site. Sorry.

If you are interested in pinhole photography, Ebay might be a good place to find a starter pinhole camera. Here are the pinhole camera auctions going on right now:

4 Responses to “The Lego Camera Tours the Internet”

  1. Mary Fichter Says:

    Hi, Adrian. I write the weekly newsletter, LiquidTreat, which is distributed to 200,000+ designers and photographers, and I’m interested in featuring your site in an upcoming issue. Will you contact me? Thanks, Mary

  2. Adrian Says:

    Thanks, Mary! I got the LiquidTreat newsletter today. Looks good. Everybody can read it at Check it out, and sign up for the free newsletter!

  3. Rebecca Doremus Says:

    Hi Adrain. I own a computer store in Daytona Beach, FL and was referred to your site by Liquid Treat. I really like your site, and especially like your “shopping cart” impressions and poetry.

    I read throughout your site while waiting for a print job to finish, and came across where you were discussing the need for a film scanner.

    I don’t know if you need one still, or if this would even work for you, but I came across one at one of my wholesalers and thought you might like to look.

    Keep up the good work on the web, with your photography, and poetry. I will continue to visit to see what you have been up to.

    Respectfully, Rebecca Doremus

  4. stuart Says:

    Hi Adrian, I am a photographer living in Glasgow, Scotland. I love your Lego pinhole camera. Its what the world has been waiting for. I have seen your build instructions & plan to try to build one but want to know how much lego you used and what the common block sizes are?

    You deserve hero worship,


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