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Soon after I built my 35mm Lego pinhole camera, it struck me that there wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t just make the camera longer and create a panoramic version of the Lego camera. While I prefer a more square format, I couldn’t help but build this camera. The result was a camera that produced a 78mm x 24mm negative. Since the Lego pinhole camera doesn’t have a mask, the entire negative is esposed including the sprocket holes, which looks something like this:


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9 Responses to “Lego Panoramic Camera”

  1. Brandon Bauer Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful- I love the full exposure of the negative including the sprockets. I have always loved pinhole and toy camera photography, but your lego camera beats them all…

  2. Olalla Sánchez Says:

    Hello, I write from a spanish regional newspaper. We want to write a page about de news machines maded by Lego’s and I want to include two or three images about the Pinhole Camera. I would know if it is possible to catch them from the web. Thanks a lot. I wait for your answer.

  3. Bertrand Li Says:

    you really made a camera with legos!? wow this is impressive! and the pictures have a nice aged effect, great work here.

  4. Alex Says:

    What film are you using? Lovely images.

  5. Nick B. Says:

    Wow this is some really interesting stuff! Of all the cameras of yours I would love to build, this panoramic one would definatly be it. Unfortunatly, its the only one you dont seem to have pictures of (aside from the thumbnail on your main page. Would you be able to post some images of it, or explain how to modify one of your previous designs into a panoramic one?

    Thanks so much, Regards, -Nick

  6. Adrian Says:

    Thanks, Nick. this is exactly like my 35mm version except that the width is wider. Good luck!

  7. Nick B Says:

    Hey thankyou so very much! I just have one more quick follow up question:

    Do you think you could specify how many bricks or “lego dots” for lack of better working longer is the panoramic camera vs. your 35mm one? What Im really asking is specifically how much longer is it in lego terms haha.

    Thanks so much!


    PS: Im not to savy with panoramic camera technology, so this maybe a noobish question, but can I essentially extend the camera to be as long as I want and it will always create a wider panoramic field of view? Or is there a limit?


  8. Adrian Says:

    No problem. The panoramic version is six “Lego dots” wider. Yes, there is a limit to how wide you can go. You can see from my pictures that the photo gets darker as you get to the edges. It eventually goes to black, so you can’t get much wider.

  9. Nick B Says:

    Hey thanks you very much! That was very helpful, and Im well on my way to building this thing 😀

    I just have 2 follow up questions:

    1. Is your pinhole in both the 35 mm and your panoramic lego cameras exactly the same? Or does it need to be modified? Futhermore, is the pinhole creating the gradiant or vinetting to black on the edges, and if so, could it be ajusted to create a wide range, or would the camera actually have to begin becoming a curvilinear shape in order to extend futher outward?

    2. Could the same technique be applied to your 6×6 medium format lego camera? As in, could it be converted into a medium format panoramic camera such as a 6×12 or 6×17 camera?

    Thankyou So much again, your site is really teaching me a lot about photography!

    Regards, -Nick

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