Philips Keychain Digital Camera


I got Philips’ keychain digital camera for Christmas. I think it cost about $20, and surely was a tempting stocking stuffer last Christmas. While it may be a nice little camera for my collection, I can’t say it is a great performer. Here are some of my criticism of the keychain camera…

Image Quality Unfortunately, the image is very small. The “high resolution” setting is onlu 352 x 288 pixels, barely large enough for a web image. In low light (indoor light) you get horizontal lines accross the images.

Software Another complaint is that the camera forces you to use Availasoft software to download the pictures from the camera. Like most cheap software packages, it tries to install other programs on your machine like a photo album. On the bright side, the software (called MyCam CIF) allows you to control the camera directly from the software. This allows you to preview what the camera sees on screen. You can capture a frame, and even shoot in video mode this way.

Interface Since you don’t have a screen to view the images on, you are really shooting blind. There is a tiny screen that shows two letters that you use to figure out what you are doing. The abbreviations aren’t very intuitive, and unless you carry around the handbook or have a great memory, you don’t know what they stand for. For example, CA means delete all images. To make matters worse, sometimes it doesn’t even dislplay letters. For self timer mode, it uses an “S” and a letter that is a capital E without the top bar. Confusing to say the least.

Viewfinder Probably the biggest disappointment of this camera was the viewfinder. In trying to get an image to accompany this review, I had to take many photos of the same subject matter because, what I was seeing through the viewfinder wasn’t what got photographed. It was so off that I would have swore the camera wasn’t even pointing in the right direction. Here is a sample image from Philips Keychain Digital Camera: 006.jpg

In conclusion, this camera gets a thumbs down from me. Maybe I am being a little hard on a camera that is just meant to fit on your keychain, but the image quality and serious usability flaws make it not worth the trouble. The only way I could see this camera having any value is when it is plugged into a computer. It could be a treasure for anyone interested in making low quality video.

UPDATE: Due to the inferior nature of this product, there are lots of people that are frustrated with it. This post is one of the few places online that talk about this camera, so consequently it is towards the top of the Google results. If you found this entry by a Google search looking for support, I can’t help you. My advice is to buy a better camera. However, there are several kind people that have left comments here offering help. Please read all the comments for more support oriented questions. Sorry I can’t be more help than that, and I wish you luck if you are trying to make this piece of junk work…

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317 Responses to “Philips Keychain Digital Camera”

  1. Bennett Holzworth Says:

    I bought one of these little cameras several months ago for a little experiment. I didn’t even get to see how it turned out since I couldn’t use it on a Mac. Do you know of any way that this camera will work with a Mac?

  2. Adrian Hanft Says:

    Bennett, I doubt that the camera will ever work on a mac, unfortunately (or maybe that is a good thing). It barely works on a PC. If I come accross a way to get it to work, I will let you know…

  3. tim drage Says:

    It looks + sounds almost identical to the Digital Dream “l’espion” camera which certainly does work on the mac. You may have to download some shareware USB photo drivers or somehting to get it going on OS X tho???

  4. Teresa Weaver Says:

    You have done better than me. We bought 3, 1 for each of our boys for Christmas and can’t get the software or driver to even view the photos they have taken. Suggestions?

  5. Elijah Says:

    I’ve been using this cam, (rebadged) and another low-res digital for an exhibition. I call them crappycams, and just love the unpredictable nature of the way they deal with colour etc. The only downside is that with one battery, the memory can dump the pics sometimes before you get them onto a computer, so you have to be quick!

  6. Michael Kicklighter Says:

    where is the best{cheapest}place to get the needed software?Also what is it called?I you havent guessed by now Im a computer dummy.THANKS!!!!

  7. Joe J Says:

    I lost the CD – Not that it was worth anything!

    Can’t find standard drivers anywhere. Just like my DEAD Philips 5.1 system it would make a great boat anchor, except it would float on the water. That would be the best place for it, but it would just litter the earth. I should have just set fire to twenty dollars!

    Looks like the only thing Philips is getting better at is making customers angry.

    I’m no longer angry – I’m no longer a customer!

    Joe J

  8. Amber Says:

    Hey there so umm ya i bought one of these little cameras an my mother is a clean freak an wasnt paying attention an she threw away my software to install it on my computer. Do any of you know a website i could possbaly go to. That will help me install it on my computer? if so e-mail me back at babycakez2103 (at) aol (dot) com thanks

  9. joe Says:

    this is a good camera i acualy own one but i lsot the program for it

  10. jon Says:

    I’ve been playing with something that looks a lot like one of these cameras on linux for a while now. The one I have is supported by gphoto and autodetects as an Argus DC-1510. I seem to remember something about a sq905 chip being the basis of the version I have. The picture quality is much better under natural light. The battery life isn’t a factor if you have it hooked up to a usb port and capture the images. I’ve even gone so far as to write up some simple scripts to use the camera for security (with motion detection) and timelapse/web applications. Great little toy to play with!

  11. Dave Says:

    It’s crap ! Won’t work on a Mac (iPhoto) ! Can’t even tell if it’s on half of the time. Wasted $16 at K-Mart …should have known better ! All you get at K-Mart is Krap!

  12. Lanell Says:

    i need the software for this camera please if you can give it to me

  13. pitou Says:

    they do work on macs with maccam 0.8.4 from

    open source and free!

  14. Lisa Says:

    We have one, too. I can’t seem to find the directions for it, and we can’t get the images off the camera (it’s full), once we’ve saved on our computer! Any suggestions?

  15. david Says:

    hey I bought this phillips camera its very good do you know were I can download the software because I lost mine

  16. jen Says:

    I have one ……You have to be sneaky w/ dumping the photos… sometimes it looks like they’re still on there, but they’re not! I do it real fast like 20 times in a row…

  17. randa Says:

    I lost the software, and since this peice of shit is all i can aford can some one please tell me where I can get the software from? Please email me back.

  18. brittany Says:

    ok i got this camera but when i click on the icon to go to download the pictures its saying driver open fail can u help me please if so E-mail me back at

  19. Randa Says:

    Allrighty found software, but now it says driver open fail, Its never done that before, if you know how to fix this it would be appreciated please email me at thank you.

  20. Quamel Says:

    When I brought my camera it din’t come with a manuel. If anyone knows what the abbrievations mean that would really help, and can I save a recording off the web-cam?

  21. Luis Says:

    I can’t find the drivers for this camera… Please, let me know if anyone have information

  22. teresa Says:

    SE = self timer CE = Continuous shooting mode CP = compress mode nP: non compress mode AI: video function mode OF: switch the camera to stand by mode CL: delete the last photo CA: delete all Hr: high resolution format Lr: low resolution format F5: 50Hz F6: 60 Hz

    I can’t get the pictures to actually download to a PC! I can see them, but it won’t save them to the PC.

    Totally agree – — not worth the aggrevation! But it was fun to see it out of the package, I suppose.

  23. Mrs. P Says:

    DItto! This product stinks!

  24. techjohn Says:

    I have been having a lot of fun with the camera. It isn’t like my 5 mega pixel Sony but I would never hack a $350 camera. I’m working on some hacks. BTW, it wont work on a USB hub. It needs its own port. I have never had a problem downloading pics to Picasa 2. All I do is click on Mycam under the Import icon.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    ya i have this camera and it takes great pictures!!! i just can’t figure out how to upload my pictures!! ahhhhh!!!!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I cant find the drivers for my camera. i actually kinda like it though. I just cant get my pics off since i moved.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone know if this keychain camera has an OFF mode (not standby)- or do you have to keep replacing the battery every time you want to use it?

  28. justin morrow Says:

    i lost my cd where can i down load the software?

  29. Ian Says:

    I’m getting a similar problem:

    When I click on the icon to download the pictures, an error message reads: “driver open fail”.

    Per the suggestion above, I will try to connect it directly to a usb port and not a hub, hopefully, this will help. I will post an update.

  30. Ian Says:

    Uninstalled then reinstalled the drivers. Connected camera directly to a usb port (no hub). I still get the same error message when trying to startup the program MyCam v1.29. “driver open fail”.

    Inspected my devices from the control panel and saw that there is an error associated with the camera’s drivers, specifically that the drivers aren’t installed (error code 28).

    When I go through the process of updating the drivers(wether I try to load them from the CD or copy them to my harddrive), I get a curious error message from the new hardware wizard: “An error occurred during the installation of the device. The form specified for the subject is not one supported or known by the specified trust provider.”

    This message comes up after the wizard informs me that the software does not have a “Microsoft certified digital signature”. But I try to install it anyway.

    I wonder: will Windows not install the driver since it does not have a MS signature?

    I have full admin status and though my system is older it should be more than capable:

    MS Windows 2000Pro 300+MB RAM 550MHz

    Any insight from others would be great. Does anyone know how to ‘force’ Windows to accept the driver regardless of its’ digital signature status?

  31. Peter Says:

    I suppose when I have more time I can upload a download file at filefront dot com for all of you who lost the CD, oh yeah, what purpose is the webcam for?

  32. brad Says:

    pitou – couldnt get it to work with maccam 0.8.4. Says “no camera.” Any advice? Any trick to getting it to work?

  33. Pepper Says:

    I bought the Philips keychain digital camera and guess what, the CD was blank and had no software. I go BACK to Walgreens the manager gives me another CD and low and behold, THIS ONE IS BLANK AS WELL.. How am I suppose to download the required software if all of the CD’s they made are BLANK?

  34. jcoen Says:

    can someone help me please. I bought this piece of crap and I keep getting an error message saying driver open fail . I have tried everything I could think of if someone can help please email me at

  35. Ghost Ex Says:

    If anyone reads this, I have copied the device drivers from my Hard drive, as I have lost my CD too. I have the MYCAM program, and the two drivers for win98 in a ZIP file that also has a readme for where to put the drivers. if anyone is interested please post saying so, and I’ll put up a link for you, or email them if neccissary.

  36. Ghost Ex Says:

    Ok. I just reformated and clean installed windows last night. after about 3 hours of searching, I’ve found most likely what most people need, though im not certain. On I’ve found the needed Drivers and such, although when I did install it, it said it was needing a dll. (Luckily) It was one that I had copied just before the reformat. Hopefully this should help some of you… heh

  37. lyric long Says:

    i lost my software for the camera so could someone email it to me at

  38. lyric long Says:

    i need the software email me at

  39. Lexi Says:

    How do i go about getting the insallation disk for this Philips keychain digital camera F2.8 f=3.9. Some one please guid me to some answers.. THAKS LEXI

  40. ANTE Says:


  41. Ghost Ex Says:

    Ghost again, email me at maliciouscore(AT)hotmail(dot)com, I’ll see if I can help anyone who emails me, not guaranteed but I’ll try. If you just need the driver software, say so and I’ll email ya the driver package soon as I get the message

  42. Ally Says:

    I never thought I could only have 58 pictures on my camera. Can you/someone write me back an tell me how to delete some pictures. Thankx me

  43. Jackie Says:

    I just installed it, but i dont know how to see the pictures that i took.this camera stinks!

  44. red Says:

    I think Phillips is making alot of money fucking everyone with this junk ass keychain camera! Would love to see the pics I took on it the day I got it. Mine says same thing, driver fail, and when I plug into usb it reads unrecognizable! The software is shit along with the camera! I wonder if they will take this junk back since I had to cut the package all to hell to get it out?!Feel like shoving it up it’s maker’s ass!

  45. breno Says:

    hey I bought this phillips camera its very good do you know were I can download the software because I lost mine Please email me back.

  46. Davud Says:

    need diver

  47. Hector Rivera Says:

    I lost manual and CD can someone send a web-site to download the manual and software for my Philips Keychain digital camera. Thanks

  48. Gerad Says:

    Can anyone send me a link for the drivers or the drivers.


  49. Mike Says:

    Well it is the bigest crap cam i ever had but i would love to know where i can find the softwhear for it, can anybody please tell me where i can find it? I looked everywhere and its a bigger pain than the camera it self. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!

  50. arka Says:

    does anyone know how to use this? evrytime i click on the icon it says”driver open failed”. even after i installed it with the software, whenever i plug it in, xp says “unrecognized USB device”. does anyone know how to fix this junk?please mail at

  51. Shorty Says:

    I have a Key chian camra and its AWESOME I LOVE IT but i had to do a system reformat and i can not find the software for the MyCam CIF any where PLEASE tell me if there is a back up that i can download from online

  52. mike Says:

    can u send me the software for my philips keychain digital camera the my cam cif software and send it to bal9187@YAHOO.COM

  53. Jeff Says:

    I zipped the cd in a file called, you can download the software and drivers at

  54. ace Says:

    I just got mine and i tried to get the driver to run but all it tells me is the the driver failed. PLEASE help me out



  56. brittany Says:

    Ok, I have had one for like ever! I know how to work it and stuff, but I lost my manual. I don’t know what all the botton means. Can you tell me?

  57. DEEMER Says:

    I own one and this shit didn’t come with a software disc.

  58. dmtoles Says:

    I kinda like the camera for it small capabilities…but the fucked up part abt it is you can’t download and save or transfer the pics you take to a disk, computer , or any damn thing…it’s wasting my time trying to take pics with it I can’t save anywhere..this sucks if anyone knows how to get the pics from the CAm to a more palusible area to save let me know… I’ve tried everything imaginable …click save or save all nothing happens.!!!!

  59. Betsy Says:

    need drivers to philips P44418 keychain digital camera thanks in advance

  60. christina Says:

    I also don’t have any software and I just want to be able to download these pic for my daughter. I’m going to try the above address, but does anyone know how the just simply download the software online??? Thanks

  61. Eli the Bearded Says:

    This camera works intermittantly for me on Windows. Off and on I get ‘driver open fail’ messages, but usually letting the camera turn off and then reconnecting or a Windows reboot fixes the problem. I have used a few times under Linux with gtkam (where I see it get identified as a “Digital Camera CD302N”), but compressed images don’t get uncompressed right.

    As a ‘toy’ digital camera, I love this. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures with mine. Quality of the images is poor, image size is small, framing is terrible, but it is fun. I like to use them with the collage mode of Picasa.

  62. REB Says:

    what do you expect from a product built for microsuck windows.

  63. Tony B Says:

    Thanks to Mike for posting the driver and software. you are a life saver. my brother bought this camera for my son for his birthday and i accidentally cut the CD opening that evil plastic packaging with scissors. very surprised that the software was nowhere to be found on the philips site. now that i’ve loaded the software i am experiencing many of the same issues as the other posts describe. definitely a piece of junk. thanks again.

  64. bleh Says:

    driver errors are explained on the CD for anyone with a “this sucks” attitude but too lazy or ____ to read the documentation provided. The camera DOES suck though but pretty good for kids (small $$ risk).

    For anyone that DOESNT have the document: Problem: When you click on the MyCam CIF Application a “Driver Open Fail” error message pops up.

    Solution: This error message can indicate that the camera is not connected to a USB port or that the camera’s device driver has not been installed properly. First step is to verify that you have the camera connected to your PC’s USB port. Verify the display on back of camera reads PC. If the error message continues to appear then you will need to reinstall the camera device driver.

    This is done through device manager for most of you.

  65. andy Says:

    i need help installin the driver i put in the cd and it installed but wen i open my cam it says driver open fail

  66. stephanie Says:

    i lost cd … =s

  67. Mr. P Says:

    Don’t worry about it; the things a piece of crap even with the cd.

    One: You can NEVER get the sucker to actually work worth shit!!!

    Two: The Camera driver IS NOT accessible no matter what you do; so you’ll always get the same answer over and over again, “DRIVER OPEN FAIL!!!”

    Has anyone actually been able to get their camera driver to WORK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

    What a piece of shit!!!

  68. tahj Says:

    can anyone help me out and tell me how to use this thing. i just want to get the piece of shit to work. i keep getting the same message “driver open fail”, who can help me get it to work. who has the solutions, some way of solving the problem. instead of every one arguing, can we figure out how to get it to???

  69. GB Says:

    CA doesn’t delete the pictures! Take 20 hi res pics, and if U can get’em in your pc, throw the damn thing away.

  70. ashley Says:

    I lost the software too! It was so crappy I left it at college. Thanks for the dl!

  71. leslei Says:

    i need the philips keychain digital camera installer if anybody got one please send it to me at

  72. xxLavanderxx Says:

    The software included does not work in Mac. After a lot of research I found that using macam or SQ905 you can make the camera work. However I have not been able to download any video, nor save it. It saves in a .mov format quicktime does not recognize. Actually I am not even sure you can record video. All I have found is a multiple shots mode (which is NOT video) I guess the biggest flaw is not the low resolution (what do you expect for less than 20 bucks?) but the complete lack of support or information from the manufacturer.

  73. Kamla Says:

    hey i need the driver for this camera please if you can give it to me or give me some link my email is Help Me please

  74. kenneth scott Says:

    can not upload softwatre need a differnt way!

  75. nixon Says:

    i bought the philips keychain digital camera and it takes perfect pictures and works perfect as a webcam but i lost the cd for the software and erased it from my computer so now everytime i download another software that lets you take pictures and stuff like that it wont recognize the digital camera so it means i cant take pictures with no other software but i did find one software that let me take pics with this digital camera but i accidenly erased it so im asking if any1 has a software that lets you take pictures with the philips keychain digital camera to please email me and let me know my email is:

  76. adolfo margain Says:

    Mike: thanks for posting the camera drivers. I bought it for my kids and the disk was broken. Philips should worry about this lack of support.

  77. Michael Says:

    Hey does anyone have the drivers for the philips keychain digital camera F2.8 f=3.9 i need the DRIVERS BAD.. i lose my disk then went and got a new one and the disk was broke i really love this cam but now to think about it I HATE THE THING..without the disk IT STINKS..plz someone help me if you have the drivers for it e-mail them to me plz my e-mail is

  78. Catherine Says:

    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU LUIS!!!!!! i spent 2 hours trying to find our the diffrent funstions since i lost my user manual. The website for philips doesn’t even post the camera in it’s list! Also, I agree with the publisher about the off thing. every time i take a picture it’s about 3 feet off on most of the angles. But the webcam is actually ok.

  79. cat Says:

    OH yeah, i found out why it says driver open fail. you have to have the CD to use it!!!!!!

    i think…

  80. xitlaly Says:

    need driver please

  81. Alicia Says:

    My issue isn’t how the product works but the fact that if you decide to download your pictures off your camera onto a different computer, you have to completely reinstall. Where do you go if you no longer have the disk or if it gets ruined somehow. What if you no longer have the original computer that you installed it into????

  82. James Says:

    Lost my manual can someone send me some instructions or something at

  83. Melanie Says:

    i lost my manual anyone have one or remind me how to work it

  84. Gabor Says:

    This is not Philips! If you open your eyes, you can see at least 50 cameras of this design with different logos. Smart, Elta, etc… I wonder how the manufacturer had no trouble for this fraud.

  85. zerozeroisland Says:

    sadly, as a mac user i didn’t find an easy way of getting the camera to work under OS 10.4.7. macam didn’t work for me at all.

    predictably the only way was to use Virtual PC. i have VPC installed on my mac with windows xp and it allowed me to install the MyCam CIF driver and Photo2Album software and access pics from the camera without a problem. (well, as long as you don’t consider running a complete other OS emulated on your computer a problem) works fine though. loading images saving images, deleting them etc. is all a breeze.

  86. aquasia Says:

    I lost my CD that came along with the camera; Can anyone send me the info so that i can use my camera. Thank you in advance.


  87. Dave Says:

    Phillips Keychain driver MRS97310 not found error message, does anyone know how to find driver. Not at Availasoft. Help is appreciated.

  88. jesus Says:

    hey, i need the driver 4 da philips PJ44416, bcz mine didnt come w/it! Well, if u guys find anything, email me at! please help me find the driver 4 this thing!!

  89. Jesse James Mercado Says:

    OK IF YOU NEED SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD THIS After down loading if you try to use my cam it may display “DRIVER OPEN FAIL!” to fix this simply plug the cam in to a usb port allow the instal wizard to pop up when askin where to instal from click specific location; find the “setup” folder then cameradriver and then hit next the wizard will automatically install the driver into windows the reason you must do this is because you only installed a program to use the cam the driver must be installed into windows.

  90. Renee Says:

    IT SAYS LOW BATTERy. OMIGOD. so i put in a new battery and it still says lb???? WTF. is this just a one time use? so confused. reply here or email me. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  91. Danielle Says:

    I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I did everything everyone said, but it still says driver open fail. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO???????????? HELP ME PLEASE @ YAGURLPUCHI@AOL.COM

  92. shelly Says:

    how can i get my philips keychain camera prograned in my computer if i lost my software cd.

  93. Said Matar Says:

    Well I took 25 pictures but I cant seem to look at da pics in da program that came with the Camera… Well I click on Acquire but it takes me to my printer screen also it takes me to a web cam mode. But all I want is to view the pics Can anyone Help Me out ? If u can Email me at thanks.

  94. Said Matar Says:

    I bought the Keychain Camera and Well I took 25 pictures but I cant seem to look at da pics in da program that came with the Camera… Well I click on Acquire but it takes me to my printer screen also it takes me to a web cam mode. But all I want is to view the pics Can anyone Help Me out ? If u can Email me at thanks.

  95. renee Says:

    ohhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn :( anyone? see my post 2 above.

  96. Says:

    I bought this piece of junk after forgetting my camera for my 30th class reunion 1200 miles away from home. I thought I had pictures of friend from long ago and pictures of family that I don’t get to see often and what do I find when I get home a lot of uselessness. I can’t down load the pictures to my PC and the driver wont install to my PC. What a piece of crap. Phillips should take this product off the market.

  97. max Says:

    hi miproblen is that i can tri to open my cam and jut tall me driver open fail please help me

  98. matt Says:

    um hi all tha software for this p.o.s camera

  99. ray Says:

    I don’t have the cd driver to install the software for my new keychain camera. Is there a way I could download it from the internet if my cd drive dont work???

  100. william Says:

    Yeah, yeah… I too am a victim of the PHILIPS P44417W Keychain Camera. If any of you would like to email your comments and complaints to PHILIPS, use the below address. It was not surprising to find that they do not claim responsibility for this piece of crapola on their website. This was my first and last PHILIPS product and it is now going in the trash on the same day I bought it.

  101. luana Says:

    my daughter bought this for a quarter at a yard sale and is having a blast with it…couldn’t get beyond the “driver failure” so i down loaded straight then you can view from “photo2album”

  102. Leila Says:

    I’ve lost the CD!!! Can anybody send me the driver please? Thanks

  103. brianna Says:

    omfg this is so crappy i hate this sucky product! as you can tell this is from PHILIPS not from the name brand phillips. i didnt notice that at first omg! can sumone tell me how 2 get this software installed… my computer wont read the disk…. my email address is if you email me in the subject of the email put: philips keychain camera software!

  104. Jessica Says:

    Right-Click the “My Cmputer” Icon then Properties

    Click on the Hardware tab, then Device Manager Find the camera and right-click Update Driver

    A window will pop up, click Install from a list

    Make sure there’s a dot in the first circle, check include this location.

    Make sure you have the folder that includes the driver in a folder and click browse and find it then click OK.

    Click Next.

    And it should find it and install and then you can go about using it without a reboot.

    Hope that helps everyone!

  105. July! Says:

    How can i delete the pictures in the camera???

  106. chris Says:

    i csnt use it i lost the program please email it to me?

  107. Dale Says:

    Re: Philips Keychain Digital Camera: This should help most of you. I downloaded the zipped file from “” posted by “Mike on June 8th”. Unzipped the files and installed the programs on my XP computer. The basic installation alone didn’t work. I got the “driver fail” message. I had to go to the Device Manager – Imaging Devices and “update” the camera’s driver to those included in the unzipped file location. Once installed and working via the USB cable I could view the pics thru the “MyCam CIF” program. To manipulate the camera such as delete pics I had to unplug it from the USB and use the standard camera functions.(complements of “Louis on April 13th) (See below)

    SE = self timer CE = Continuous shooting mode CP = compress mode nP: non compress mode AI: video function mode OF: switch the camera to stand by mode CL: delete the last photo CA: delete all Hr: high resolution format Lr: low resolution format F5: 50Hz F6: 60 Hz

    To delete pics select the “CE” option with the Mode button then click the top button twice.

  108. sandy Says:

    Hi everybody i know how to delete pictures and download the pictures. To delete the pictures click on CA and starts blinking click twice and all the pics will be deleted.

    I like the CP code because it lets you take about 60 pictures…

    I know the camera has a lot of flaws and yet i’ve managed to take some cool pictures… like 5 of 10..

    If your pictures can’t be downloaded like I read and like ive noticed on my computer also. This is what i do to get my pics…

    Once you can see what pictures you took you can go to your Keyboard and check if you have the (print screen) key and copy it from your screen to paint. From Paint to a folder you want to create for your pictures.

    This lil digital camera works best when there is a lot of light. Especially outdoors like in a park…etc… where there is a lot of light. Or else all the pictures will come out dark.

    Thats what i do, i hope it helps.

  109. Monique Says:

    This Camera is the BOMB!!!! I Love It since I won it in a raffle at my local library. I have to say I love it. It’s cute and very secret.

  110. leslie Says:

    I bought this camera as a joke for my mom…I mean it is only like 20 bucks, what do u expect from a camera like this? Of course it wont compare to my 260$ Cannon SD450…But I’m happy with it, I followed the easy-to-use instructions and it is successfully installed on my mom’s laptop…The pics are hit or miss, but that’s the fun part with this camera

  111. Gabor Says:

    Anyone tried to open this “camera”? Is it possible in a non-destructive way?

  112. Anya Says:

    I cant find the stupid software intillation thingy. I’ve been trying for a while and still cant find it. I dont have the disk because it was given to me as a gift…it was theres but they found out it didnt work on a MAC and thats all they have so they gave it to me….without the software to transfer the pictures onto my computer! ok…..ya thats it

  113. Eddie Says:

    ok, maybe I was lucky. I bought this camera on a whim right before a trip to Germany. I’m here in Berlin taking pics.

    Guess what.. it works fine. Camera works. Upload works. I created a folder on my PC and have saved the pics into the new folder. No prob at all.

    Only thing I would recommend is when using the viewfinder tilt camera down a bit more than is indicated; otherwise the frame will have more at the top than you want. For example, I took a photo of my friend and expected to see a pic of him from the legs up, but the frame starts at his waist.

    I haven’t tried the video feature yet or the webcam. I am finding this camera fun, and it encourages me to take pics cause it’s right there on my keychain.

    If you believe the stories that it’s a piece of junk that won’t work then I guess it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This camera works for me and does everything it’s supposed to. It was not difficult to install the software or camera driver. I just followed the instructions and the installation wizard. Not difficult. What are you people talking about? I don’t get it.

  114. elsu Says:

    Hi I’ve lost my Philips CD to download my camera onto my cpu does anyone know a site where I can get a driver for it

  115. Paige Says:

    I cant figure out how to delete photos can someone help me??

  116. Tiffany barnhill Says:

    Ohk…I do agree, this camera basically sucks..But it was cheap and I was a desperate photographer lol…And now I know that you get what you pay for… = /

    But yea, I need to software for the camera, i lost the damn cd…If anyone could send it to me at:

    I’d really appreciate it…

  117. jonjon Says:

    … I looked everyware on the net for the drivers and software this is my last resort I cant find anything on this let me warn you dont trylookin for its software if anybody got this workin why would they car to put the software on if anyoneis caring enough to email me where I can get ti or just attach the dang software please send it thankyou

  118. steven Says:

    My sister bought this for fun and it worked just fine. But then she got a real camera and gave the small one to me. I put it all on my computer and it says driver open fail. I dont understand because it worked great on her computer. If anyone gets this stuff im on aim at stevothegreat545

  119. dan Says:

    This should work. It worked for me after unsuccessfully trying several instructions posted above (above posts leave a little detail out). This might seem long, but it is very detailed:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on “”
    3. “Do you want to open or save this file?” click “Save”
    4. Save the .zip file in an easy place to remember (I recommend creating a new folder on your desktop… you can delete it later)
    5. You now have all the files you need, so go ahead and close your internet browser.
    6. Go to the place where you saved the .zip file, and double-click on the .zip file.
    7. I assume you are using WinZip. So, on the WinZip menu bar, click “Extract” and choose the “All files” option to save the files to the same desktop folder.
    8. Close WinZip and open the temporary folder you created earlier.
    9. Double-click on “setup.exe”. This will install the program “MyCam CIF”, but not the correct drivers. Follow all instructions.
    10. Restart your computer.
    11. You should now have an icon on your desktop called “MyCam CIF”. When you try to launch it you will likely get an error message saying “Driver Open Fail”.
    12. Plug in the camera and when asked where to install from, select the temporary folder you set up earlier. Then select the “Camera Driver” folder, and then “driver.exe”. Let your computer do it’s Voodoo that it do….
    13. You should now be able to launch MyCam CIF and access your piece of crap camera!!!…..

    Hey… it was only $20…. what did you expect??!! But it IS fun to play with if you can make it work right!!! Enjoy!!! And ask me if you have problems.

  120. Steph Says:

    Hey, likewise, I also need the driver for this camera. lost my cd.

    I can’t say I LOVE it but it works as a good webcam for me so yeah i think it serves it’s purpose for me. uhm…if anyone has the driver please send it my way.


  121. Annie Says:

    If your still having trouble, you can always call Philips at 866-892-4765

    The camera’s model number is P44417S

    Hope this helps :)

  122. John Parks Says:

    After spending 25 minutes 3 different times on my long distance dime…with PHILIPS company I finally got these drivers for camera pj44416… I am keeping them online for anyone…simply email me with the subject CAMERA DRIVER and I will forward them to you…enjoy!

  123. amber Says:

    Uninstalled then reinstalled the drivers. Connected camera directly to a usb port (no hub). I still get the same error message when trying to startup the program MyCam v1.29. “driver open fail”. what can i do???

  124. MRK Says:

    $14 at Wal Mart – This thing works fine for me. Upon install, Windows 98 may ask for original Windows disk for a cab file, no biggie. Don’t bother with the included “album” software, just install the drivers. I use for images, and it interpolates these into workable 640×480 shots. Cut plastic package and staple together for nifty camera travel protector. Here’s a free cheat sheet:

    St = Self timer, then shutter = 10 sec delay. Ct = Continuous shooting, hold shutter. Hr = High resolution = 20 photos. Lr = Low resolution = 81 photos. CP = Compress mode = 60/243 photos. nP = Non-compress mode. AI = Video function, use Lr, hold shutter. CL = Delete last, hold shutter till blink, press shutter. CA = Delete all, hold shutter till blink, press shutter. F5 = 50Hz F6 = 60Hz Lo = Low battery. OF = Switch the camera to stand by mode.

    Put this in 8 or 9 point type and stick it to the back of the camera.

  125. TERRY JONES Says:

    iv’e been using the phillips key chain camera for a year and a half..have had not one problem with the five that i own, everytime i see one on dispalay i buy it. why? because i’m afraid they’ll stop makeing them…they are great for stills and movies. and under 20.00 gotta love it.

  126. ebbtide Says:

    I have only some of the two letter codes. Missing CA. Have had some success with pics, but getting rid of them is a mystery.

  127. Anton Says:

    Has anyone been able to use this camera with a different USB cable, I don’t have the original one. Thanks.

  128. alyssa Says:


    thanks much. :]

  129. daniel hankins Says:

    need drivers? will not work

  130. matthew Says:

    i need to get the software for my camera[philips modle:p44417w]off the internet,but i can not find the software.please help me find the software.

  131. Richard Says:

    John I need those drivers for the pj44416 please

  132. ray Says:

    yes it does work fin but i lost the serial code and i lost it can i get 1 plz i do anything ok so email me back

  133. brooke Says:

    i need to find software to install my camera i lost the cd and i need it so if any one knows where to get it plz tell me !!! i need the cd software to install camera!!!

  134. Christina Says:

    I bought the keychain cam, but i must have uninstalled the program and cant find the disk, now i have no way to access the photos i took. Is there any way to get a way to view my pics without the disk?

  135. jason august Says:

    yeah my camera wont install on my computer, im borrowing it from a friend and i dont know if she has a disc or somethingi need to install to download my pictures, can you help me out?

  136. martin_84 Says:

    help, i have lenix, and i need cd driver, and i dont know how to use it on lenix,

  137. crys Says:

    ok i got this camera but when i click on the icon to go to download the pictures its saying driver open fail can u help me please if so E-mail me back

  138. JASMINE Says:

    HEY! i have this camera! ok to all of you that dont know how to save the pics… UPLOAD THEM and then click on the floppy disk with only ONE floppy disk NOT two!! and on from there!


  139. Zack Says:

    How do i use this pile as a Webcam?? do i need to download a program? as well as the person im trying to see? Will it work with somone with a Mac trying to use IChat?? ANY HELP – much appreciated. ( i lost my manual, like everyone else, so..Help!)

    -Thanks to anyone

  140. Zack Says:

    How can i use this as a webcam? do i need a program, will it work with someone using Ichat on a mac? thank you anyone

  141. Shawn Says:


    thank God it all worked when i first bought it..

    yes crapy res.. but hey for 10,15-or 20 bucks camera depending on where you buy it.. hey come on..

    even recordes frames or video, i wonder if the software could be hacked and memory increased hrmmmm?? good thing its only a 10 dollar camers..

    oh and can be used as a crapy web cam…. and ect..

    but hahaha i was a victom of loosing software,, thankyou for who it was that posted the software on the

    (thats why im here) add me to the list…. :)

    i would of found it eventually, or downloaded the drivers indivually, or found a program that would read it.. but thanks, you were the first search result on google, haha

    this must of happened to ALOT of people..

    and for mac and linux users, yes there is software, not honnestly sure where, but im postive, people love hacking little stuff like this,, and by hacking i mean, making software improvments.. check sourceforge, or even some of the listings above… God Bless.

  142. Low Tech Art Says:

    Most of you are totally missing the point of this adorable little piece of crap!

    This is a $15 camera with adorably glitchy performance, you just never know wtf you’re going to get. Viewfinder? WTF you need a viewfinder for? You’re taking a 352×288 pic for cryin’ out loud. A mildly interesting swath of color should be enough for you.

    Great art has been made with cardboard boxes people. I’m going to start a web page just about how to use this thing right, you’ll see. I’ll post it here when it’s up.

    Keep having fun with toy cameras!

  143. Dustin Says:

    I too have one of these camera’s. I have owned it for more than a year. I lost the software before I could use it. If anybody has a refered site that I could download this software, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is: Again any information will be appreciated. Thanks

  144. Amanda Says:

    Ok. I downloaded everything and i opened the camera thing and it said driver open fail. what do i do?

  145. porscha Says:

    Everything works but how do you delete the photos off of the cam?

  146. Fizz Says:

    i have a similar camera (maybe even the same one). they apparently were made by a company in china and then labeled differently for distribution to different companies.

    after searching the net endlessly i finally found my CD. YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE BEFORE CONNETING THE CAMERA!!

    i posted the contents here:

    look for the minicamdrivers folder and download everything in that.

  147. Therle Says:

    I was pretty tickled with this silly little thing, but I have to admit I use it almost solely as a webcam. It doesn’t have the battery capacity to go more than a day or two, and it seems to bleed the batteries whether it’s on or off.

    With some judicious programming you can squeeze a lot of lo-res images onto it, which is neat, but its a dare-and-a-half to get a few good pictures and then try to get it to your computer before the battery dies.

    No battery, no memory. Photos go “poof.”

  148. Anton Says:

    For anyone who needs Driver and Program for Breezecam go here and download Setup exe. from this page:

  149. tattoodoll Says:

    I installed I get the “driver open fail..please tell me how to fix this.

  150. christy Says:

    hey well i got this lilttle camera for my birthday a couple days ago and one of my friends accidently threw the instructions away how do i get the pctures from the camera to the computer

  151. Manny Says:

    It sounds like the software was wirtten for a specific M.S.O.S.. try this. before installing, right click over the folder, properties,and “RUN AS 95 or 98, apply. then try to install. I hope it helps.

    Stockton, ca.

  152. Tiffnie Says:

    ok i have the philips pj44416 and the damn thing will not allow me to open anything. i have done everything there is to do and it still tells me that the driver open failed!!!!!!! i am fed up…so if anyone has any ideas for me let me know….please email me at!!!

  153. james Says:

    i need the driver for the dam camera i lost it

  154. Nick Says:

    It does not even work. It should tell us how to use it correctly.

  155. BrentonJayBolton Says:

    Ok everyone who is getting the “Driver Open Failed” error do this.Uninstall the software.Then make sure the camera is connected usb.Then right click on my computer, go to properties, click the hardware tab, and click device manager.There you should see in the list a yellow error sign beside other devices.Click the plus an you will see the camera.Right click it an point it to the location of the driver.If you dont have the software download this zip an extract it.If your going by the directory that you unziped these files to it will need to be pointed to the Camera_Driver folder.It will find the driver then you just run the driver.exe and it will work fine.

  156. John Says:

    hey ive got a problem. im sure i have the disk. and the camera is plugged in and its active. but the driver still wont work. and i cant find the properties. im useing windows 98 i think. i know its an office. but still it used to work but i had deleted it by mistake. and now i cant get it to reinstall or work can someone please help me? you can find me on msn at

  157. Cindy & Bianca Says:

    how do you make video? Please we need HELP…big time!!

  158. HTor Says:

    My mother-in-law gave us this adorable little camera when we were visiting 2 weeks ago, and we thought it was the greatest thing. Then we got it home, and I wasn’t able to download the pics… the battery was reading “lo” so I put a new one in and AAAAAHHHHHH! I lost all the pics I had of the family!!!! WTF! I keep getting the “driver open fail” message, and it keeps asking for the Windows XP Home Ed. disk, which I don’t have. If I can ever figure out how to work the damn thing, it’ll be a great camera for my 5 year-old. I’ll continue to lug around my Kodak ES Z760, which is WAY easier to use. On a happy note, I don’t believe any money was exchanged for this particular POS. I know that I’ll definetly be VERY hesitant to purchase anything bearing the “Philips” name. Maybe they should stick to TVs and lightbulbs?

  159. Jerry Says:

    boy did I laugh so hard reading all the notes thanks.. it was helpful

  160. Paula Says:

    hey.. I have the lil keychain camera the P44417B but i dont have the software! I wanna use it so bad. but i can’t!! THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!. If anyone could please help me that would be great!! Email me at

  161. Doug Says:

    Is this the camera that everyone is talking about? It is on sale Saturday Dec 1st for$9.99 and I wonder if I should buy it. Here is the web site

  162. DANAC Says:


  163. shaq Says:

    ok i have the philips pj44416 and the damn thing will not allow me to open anything. i have done everything there is to do and it still tells me that the driver open failed!!!!!!! i am fed up…so if anyone has any ideas for me let me know….please email me at

  164. ari Says:

    I seem to have the same problem as most of the people on this site. I recieved the camera for a gift last Christmas and it worked PERFECTLY. Trouble is, I got a new computer so the software is no longer on my computer. I also lost both the instructions and the software c.d. So now I have this little camera and the usb cable sitting in my drawer and I can’t use it. I’m debating just buying another camera (they are twenty bucks at Walgreens) because I really want to use it. Does anyone know where I can find the instructions and software or c.d.? email me @ thanks so much!

  165. glh Says:

    so my lil cam works and all but how do you get the pictures out of the My cam and get them to save on your computer?

  166. JimM Says:

    I just got one of these cameras but have not tried it yet. Here are a couple of links that might help:

    This driver site claims to have the drivers for win98 and up, plus the manual, for the philips P44417S:

    Note: My original CD has an MSWord document on it that shows how to work around a bad problem with the driver that a whole lot of people are having. In case the doc is not in the above driver set, it is reproduced as text in the third post down here (applies to WIN2K and up):

    Also, the Argus DCM-098 appears to be exactly the same camera. Argus has drivers, etc. on their site that might be worth trying if the stuff above fails:

    Good luck!

  167. R.J. Says:

    This thing is outrageous. Everyone’s talking about it saying “driver open failed” or something. I don’t even get that! I just plug the damn thing in and all I hear it ‘bloop bloop’ and thats it. There’s nothing for me to click on or anything. I’m pretty damn close to smashing this thing with a hammer. HELPP MEEE

  168. JimM Says:

    Ok, I tried the camera. I did not want the Photo 2 Album” garbage, just what was needed to make the camera work. If you want the extra junk, do it differently. I launched “driver.exe” from the driver subfolder on the original disc, and NOT “setup.exe” (disable autorun on your drive so it doesn’t autorun and install everything). “driver.exe” properties show the company name as Mars Semiconductor. File is ~2.8 megs. When finished there was a really cheesy icon on the desktop for MyCam CIF. Not sure what happens if you run “setup.exe” from the disk. MyCam CIF will throw a “driver failed” message if you try to open it without the camera plugged in. When its plugged in, it opens with a window that says “camera contains X image files…Do you want to download?”. After downloading, you just save them wherever you want using the “File” dropdown menu. Not sure if this will work using drivers that came with other brands of the same camera like the Argos, but the camera uses a MARS MR97310 IC, which is in tons of cheapo cams. Mars appears to be belly-up now, along with its parent company Serial Microelectronics. Read the long post on page three HERE for more info., plus links to drivers. If you want a copy of the driver (not the 30+ meg disc), post an email address, and I’ll send the file to the first 10 who want it. Do not use your normal address; get a disposable, temporary one to post here because it will be visible to spambots. This, of course, is subject to the approval of the admin of this site.

  169. JimM Says:

    Found an archived driver download page from Gemini-USA (defunct, like most other companies associated with this camera), who sold the same camera as Philips under their own name using model #J44414. I installed it as described in my previous post, and it is the same driver and version number as the one on the Philips disc, but with a different file name. No manual, but there is no manual on the original philips disc either. it does not include the photo album stuff from the Philips disc. Since the driver is available for direct download, please ignore my previous offer to send the driver by email because I won’t do it. To get the driver package, click on the following link. When the page opens, click on the highlighted link called “Dec 15, 2005”. Download of “” will start automatically or you will be prompted to start it. Note: the pages on are slow to open. CLICKY To install, unzip the file. Open the folder it was unzipped to, open the subfolder, and run “Driver.exe”. The “MyCam CIF” icon on your desktop will launch the app. Camera must be turned off and connected to the cable or you will get the “driver open fail” error (see previous post). Good luck, and many thanks to While this camera looks cool and is packaged nicely, it is difficult to use, requires flaky interface software, and is totally unsupported. The maker of the chipset is gone, as is its parent company. It seems that nearly every company that marketed this camera under their own name is now also out of business. Could this camera be evil or have a Hope Diamond-like curse on it? You never know.

  170. Benny Says:

    Well, I see there is a long history of trouble with this camera. My girlfriend gave me one for Christmas not realizing it would be a problem with a Mac. It shouldn’t be. USB right? Wrong. So I ended up here. I tried the two links given above, Maccam and SQ905 and neither seems to recognize the camera. Any hints? I’m not on a hub. The camera beeps when I plug it in. Batteries are new.. Anyone?

  171. softailsue Says:

    need driver

  172. U21 Says:

    hello! I buy this camera but I have a problem (strange uh), the photos come out well but when I use it as webcam the image appears red and black, somebody can say to me as I can fix it? please thanks!

  173. anna Says:


    I have used the camera twice on on the compressed , High resolution mode. So I start off with 60 snaps and take about 50 or so and both the times when i attach it to my laptop to download them, it has said-No pictures in the camera! The first time I thought maybe i deleted them all by mistake, but the second time…. I know I didn’t. It works fine in the normal mode where i can take 20 snaps. I am able to download with ease. Can someone please tell me as to what I am doing wrong!!

  174. LEVI Says:


  175. Debbie Says:

    I have a mac & haven’t been able to mount the camera on my system. Has anyone been able to figure a way around it???? I bought for my godchild & she hasn’t been able to use it.

  176. Donna Says:

    I have a pj44416 and i cant take pictures unless i aim at direct light. Please help.

  177. Dark Shadow Says:

    I may be able to help some of you. Add me on MSN Messenger if you have problems, i got that damn camera to work in 1 hour in the internet. my msn is uniondance[at]gmail[dot]com . And yes, you have to aim the camera higher than it looks 😛

  178. Wicc Says:

    im not quite sure whats going on with your cam. does it give you a problem with the other modes

    Hr/nP=20 Hr/CP=60 Lr/nP=43 Lr/CP=81

  179. Wicc Says:

    If you still need software or driver post an e-mail addy, so i can send them to ya. I recommend a temporary or throw away one, due to spam.

  180. ll Says:

    Can you please email the link to the software for this keychain camera, ours was defective. Thanks

  181. Renee Says:

    YEP. this thing is piece of SHIT.

  182. john Says:

    i have one of those cameras im done with all my photos i cant get them back i did CA for clear all but how do i get the photos on i got it once but i was just screwing around i have no idea what i did lol pleas email back suggestions

  183. Chels Says:

    okay, well it seems like EVERYONE has lost their freakin’ disk. Every other comment is “I LOST THE SOFTWARE. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND IT OR DOWNLOAD IT?” but no one is really answering them. haha

    The camera is freaking AWESOME when you have the CD and when you have the software up and working. Other than that, it sucks. SOo, if anyone has a straight up answer as to where to get the software, please email me back as soon as you can. That’d be great! Thanks everyone


  184. tulsa Says:

    this camera is a peice of shit how do i get it to work?

  185. raven Says:

    i have this lovely little paperweight the phillips keychain p44417b all iget is cheap ass porn sites of some sort when i do a driver search no drivers if you have them i need the camera one not the photo book my email is im given it a day or so and takn it back

  186. amanda Says:

    mycam won’t save my pics i tried pretty much everything can someone email me with an answer to how to save them?

  187. Jeff Says:

    I could use the software for this camera, been looking everywhere for it

  188. Mark G. Says:

    Can anyone of y’all copy and post the instruction manual. I lost mine and I want to try all the features. Please help.


  189. Gaurav Agavekar Says:

    I have lost my software CD

  190. Susan Keen Says:

    Allrighty found software, but now it says driver open fail, Its never done that before, if you know how to fix this it would be appreciated please email me at thank you.

  191. Amanda Says:

    .. Can this be used as a webcam?

  192. dcs Says:

    Please send the driver to my e-mail. My duaghter is so disappointed the cam won’t work with her new laptop.


  193. Kelly Says:

    how do you download the pics onto the computer with the folder “My DSC2”?

  194. wicc Says:

    dcs you need to leave an email addy if you want someone to send you the driver

  195. wicc Says:

    amanda you sure can use this as a web cam.

  196. tina dudley Says:

    how can i download the software to my philips digital camera

  197. Anonymous Says:

    Please be smart and read the previous posts before asking the same question for the fourty-seventh time.

  198. lavon Says:

    trash it it is the most worthless POS cam u can get yeah it mite work for a bit but it will corupt ur pc and mess it up if u lost the disk through it away u wont find it anywhere. and in the chance u find your cd use it for a target or a frizbe it flys good to

  199. travis Says:

    NO matter wht i do it says driver failed i got windows xp

  200. andy Says:

    how do u record things?????

  201. pissed Says:

    i have this exact camera, just bought the lil f**kr, blank cd too….

  202. Amber Smith Says:

    How do you actually take pictures with this camera, the software is on my computer already but when I open the MyCam thing on my desktop it then says that there is nothing in the camera. HELP I just want to know how to take pictures and videos and how to use it as a webcam.

  203. sexythang Says:

    hi …im 5’3 eyes brown hair…and i reallly need the software for this damn keychain camera..i know this isnot a dateing site but maybe i’ll get an answer!…and make a friend…someone please help me get this thing workin…i would greatly apreciate it Deb

  204. ann Says:

    I have the manual and the driver v1.29 and instructions on how to get it to load, I am glad to share this info.

    However, has anyone had any luck saving the pictures or importing them into the include program photo2 album?

    frustrated. Thanks for any thoughts. Ann

  205. Morena Says:

    Hey, I lost the manual to my camera and unable to delete my pictures from my camera… Can anyone help me!!!!

    Frustrated Morena

  206. maolan Says:

    can’t believe u noobs. the camera works fine for low meagpix. cam and pics are working fine on mine. the driver open failed is probaly cause the camera is not plugged in all the way. no space between camera and plug.

    make sure usb cord is plugged in. open MyCam CIF > click yes to download > after pics download you can also use the cam. click mode > pc-camera mode > next click option > preview. cam will be enabled.

    if just using the cam and no pics. open MyCam CIF > click ok to the prompt that says there is nothing in the camera > click mode > pc-camera mode > next click option > preview.

    to download software mike posted a link @ june 8, 06. file is a winrar zip. u need to download the software to open it. file is 9.7 mg

    to download the lastest version winrar 3.70

    software and manual is also on as not sure what model it is for. need to join driverguide though. have fun.

  207. Sammi Says:

    Hi! Is their any way anyone could email me the software for installing MyCam CIF for the Philips Camera? I lost the software, and I’m not sure if I can just put the USB and camera in without the software.

    Please email me the software at:

    Thank you SO much.

  208. Requiem Says:

    Works on Ubuntu 6.10 (or latter, I suppouse). There is as weird bug where the display on the camera will get stuck to “PC” mode. When this happens make gthumb autodetect the camera several times. It seems the camera wants to be detected several times before changing back to normal mode.

  209. Willis J Slane Says:

    If anyone is still looking for the software or Driver for the Philips MyCam CIF keychain camera, Please email or IM me at or I will gladly upload or send you the files and folder you need straight from the disk.

  210. Willow Says:

    i have this camera, does anyone know how to use it as a webcam for AIM and such?

  211. mike a Says:

    i have this phillips cam how do u save pics u take

  212. Jess Says:

    OOOOHHH MY GOODNESS!!! This little toy is something else. My daughter got it new as a gift. It came with NO software!!! Thanks to Mike’s post previous I got it to work. That was after 45 mins of frustration, headache and losing all the pictures she took. aaarrggghhh LoL Decent as a “toy” for kids, but the trouble and having a screaming 7 year old waiting and waiting to see her pictures them have then deleted somehow was not my idea of a good product. Philips web site was NO help. Mike’s link has everything you need to get this thing to work. I wish I would have ran across his helpful link 45 mins sooner!! Thanks Mike!

  213. Jessica Says:

    Hey how do you get this cam to work on yahoo messenger?

  214. need lots of help girl Says:


    ok so i need loads of help! i just got this camera as a gift, and i think i may have plugged it in while the disc was still downloading or sumthing, but anyways for some reason my camera got all hot, so i unplugged it, and i took out the battery for a little and then put it in again, then i tried to take a picture, but nothing at all will show up for the LCD display!


  215. dude Says:

    i have a GEMINI keychain digital camera yard sale special with no disk how do i find the downloads to view my pics????

  216. Amber Says:

    Guys, I dont know why.. But mine works fine.. I mean it doesn’t take right sometime.. Yea It was a little off at times but it works great for me. I bought a little Pink one for Christmas and Ive been taking pictures since… I just dont know how to review your video after you take it.. That is what confuses me. Someone e-mail me on my yahoo

    And Let me know. It would be a great help. Thanks!

  217. *Bree* Says:

    To edit these pictures and make them look GREAT, install Picasa. You can install it for free online. Picasa lets you re-calibrate the image, and make them look professional. =) It really is a big help! Try it!

  218. Amy Says:

    First. For $10-$20 for a digital camera, what do you expect??? An Olympus???

    Second. For everyone having trouble saving downloaded pics, save them to the photo album program that downloads from the disc. It’s the only way I can save them, but I can transfer them later.

  219. levi Says:

    Yeah it is real hard to get a good picture but its not a photograhpy camra .. its more like… A kids toy so they can run around making little pages with there kats or somthing on it i agree… in fact im here looking for a copy of instruction manuel… Lol lost mine

  220. david murray Says:

    Here is a review I did of this camera, there are more sample pictures and opinions of it. Long story short, it stinks compared to other keychain cameras in the same price range, such as the vivitar vivcam55 or the Vistaquest keychain camera.

  221. john Says:

    you know what” you guys are gunna wanna kick my ass, I must have the only one that works, but it works like a 20 doller camera, and it takes good pictures, you just need alot of light, and cant be to far away but I have my disk and its fine also, so if anyone needs the software I’ll email it to ya, just ask,

  222. SailFree Says:

    Well, it ain’t high-res but it is small. Thus, I have fit it inside a small cardboard box that contained movie house candy, used some cardboard and cotton to pad it so it didn’t move around, marked tiny dot on outside of box where the on-button is located, and cut small hole for the lens. Thus, other than the lens opening, which is not very noticeable if the camera is fitted into the box properly, I can switch it on and shoot photos in stealth mode. Nobody pays any attention to a small box of candy.

    Takes a bit of practice in aiming. Doesn’t work well in low light. Doesn’t work well in fluorescent light, as no white balance. Can be compensated with photo software, however.

  223. Jnah Says:

    driver open failure means it can’t find the camera, unplugging it, closing the camera, replugging it in and restarting the software should fix that. I believe for windows,webcam wise that is, any old webcam program will work.

    This camera is officially crap,but then I paid USD $10 so I think it was worth it.

    Oh,um yeah, I opened it up and for some reason the battery no longer works, so um don’t do that if you relish battery power.

    It’s cheap crap, it’s not like really a Phillips product, it just something Phillips sells after slapping their brand name on it. I’ve seen the same thing under other brand names. Maybe someday someone will scan the manual and put it up on the web as well as the software.


  224. John Mitchell Says:

    I can not get to download anything the software says there is driver error useless does anyone have any idea how to acquire the driver that this thing is requesting

  225. I hate trchnology Says:

    ummm mycam cif is not working it says “file hurts me belly” !!! i think u guys should stop making computers so hard so when they start taking over the world we wont have to think so much make em outa cheep plastic or something

    any one that can help with my mycam please hit me with what info u got. …plz i ball on myspace (:oP)

  226. Ian Says:

    Has anyone had this problem – SERIOUS. Running Win98SE. Went to install software for this camera. It would seem to install, but as it turned out, it would not read the camera, removed all my internet settings (which I finally got running again by reinstalling Win98SE), but most fustrating is the computer refuses to read my CD-Burner & CD-ROM. Any ideas?

  227. clare Says:

    I have the instructions etc. but I have Windows Vista; does anyone know where I can find drivers for Vista?!!

  228. Grim Says:

    i have lost the CD for the key chain cam F2.8 f=3.9 the thing is .. i want it’s driver BAD , and i dont like the cam that much anymore

  229. gigi Says:

    This camera doesn’t really work in my computer! My Cam does not want to show up, it always says ” Diver open fail!” Does this have to do anything with the fact that I installed the P2A with the camera in the USB?

  230. Jorge Says:

    I posted the driver for this camera Philips Key Chain camera on my website.

  231. Lu Says:

    okay so i got this damn camera and i’ve dont so much with this thing…i’ve brought batteries since the other ones i buy doesn’t work or whatever and like now its getting on my nerves it keeps saying driver open failed or something what does that mean please help me…email me at

  232. Serge Says:

    I had a lot of problem to make it work in a Mac. The only solution is to use Virtual PC (ver. 5 pre-Micro$oft) with Windows 2000 in a iBook G4 (OS X 10.4.9). I tried on my new MacBook with Parallels loaded with Windows 2000 and it never want to work, I thing this is a problem with the USB II and not with the driver that cause the problems. So, I use my old iBook to get the pictures instead of the new MacBook that is supposed to be more compatible to with Parallels solution.

  233. Mari Says:

    Hi, I bought one of these camera’s just for a webcam, nothing speacil, but I cant seem to get it to work on MSN/Windows Live Messenger. It works on Yahoo messenger. Well If someone could contact me I would apprecaite it.. Thank you Mari

  234. Stephen Says:

    I bought one of these just for experimentation. It’s not the greatest, and the software provided, is VERY Limited. Specific, If you try to save photos after already having some saved, it OVERWRITES the files already on the hard drive, which is poor programing in any sense. (If exist, entry=#+1 is nothing special to add.) Battery life is poor, and even worse if you leave the camera inactive for a few days, even with a new battery, that battery will be dead. bad Placement of the on/option switch was bad too.. too easy to hit accidentally, usually resulting in wasted shots while the camera is in your pocket.

    Storage in the camera could’ve been better handled making it like a flash drive, so you could go in, and easily remove shots based on their thumbnail. But, instead relying 100% on a TWAIN downloader and item specific software.

    It’s not bad on resolution, Price is a steal.. But, it’s lack of options, abilities far outweight the benefits.

  235. Seattle Pioneer Says:

    People obviously have had a lot of issues with this camera. Personally, I’ve found it useful and a good value for $15.00

    Here are the codes for the camera, for those who don’t have them:

    SE = self timer CE = Continuous shooting mode CP = compress mode nP: non compress mode AI: video function mode OF: switch the camera to stand by mode CL: delete the last photo CA: delete all Hr: high resolution format Lr: low resolution format F5: 50Hz F6: 60 Hz

    In general, cycle through the various options by pushing the button on the front of the camera until the option you want appears. Select that option by pushing the button on the top of the camera.

    Some of the options are kind of annoying—

    for example, the “CE” option allows pictures to be taken about once per second. But you have to select the CE option and then strart shooting the continuous images within about ten seconds, or it defaults to single shots.

    Same for the “AI” option, which allows you to take slow scan video. You have to select the AI option and then start your video shot within a few seconds. As soon as you quit shooting, it reverts to regular shots. You get about 16 seconds of slow scan video before filling up the memory. You can alternate between single shots and video.

    To purge the camera of shots you have taken, push the button on the front of the camera until “CL” or “CA” appears, then push the button on the top of the camera. The display starts blinking, prompting you to confirm that you want the pictures deleted. Push the top button again to delete the last image (CL) or all the images (CA).

    If you can’t remember how to delete the images, just remove the battery for a few seconds and all the pictures will be deleted.

    Battery keep going dead? Switch the battery end-for end and reinstall in the camera until you want to take more pictures.

    Save desired images to a floppy disk to save them or transfer them to your EBAY or Cragslist sale or any other use.

    My camera and software has worked just fine. I understand that hasn’t been the case for a good many people. But I’ve been pretty pleased with what my $15 purchased.

    This camera takes better pics than my cell phone camera.

  236. Lea Says:

    Kay so. Lately I’ve just been trying to get the camera to work. I don’t have the disk. My dad has Installed it once, but he said it didn’t install right so he instantly deleted it before I could even try it. I’ve downloaded the drivers(?) from here ( ) but all this gives me is the program Photo2Album. I can’t take pictures with just Photo2Album, can I? I thought it was just the photo organizer. . Am I supposed to have another program in order for my camera to work? I did get it to work once on a friend’s computer, but that was when I had the disk. And when I got it to work, there was another program, besides just Photo2Album to where we could take pictures/video. But I don’t know how to get to that. . Have I downloaded right? Or what is the problem? D; -some stuff: I have Windows xP. The camera IS connected through the proper USB port, however the computer does not recognize it as a camera, even with Photo2Album installed. I am unable to take pictures with my camera. I am only able to get to the program called Photo2Album. . .-

  237. Jessica Says:


    Right-Click the “My Cmputer” Icon then Properties

    Click on the Hardware tab, then Device Manager Find the camera and right-click Update Driver

    A window will pop up, click Install from a list

    Make sure there’s a dot in the first circle, check include this location.

    Make sure you have the folder that includes the driver in a folder (Camera_Driver on the CD) and click browse and find it then click OK.

    Click Next.

    And it should find it and install and then you can go about using it without a reboot.

    Hope that helps everyone!

  238. Mike Says:

    I’m having trouble using the webcam feature. When I try it just displays either a rainbow colored box, a black and white box, or a black and grey box. If anyone knows how to get it to display an actual live image you can e-mail me at

  239. halie Says:

    so i have windows XP and i bought a vivitar mini digital camera and i downloaded the cd that came with it and every time i open the software called mars cam it says driver open fail! and my friend had one and she said i had to go to this certain web site and download something else for it also… do you know what i have to do? please let me know!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Nicholas Says:

    I bought this camera and it worked fine on my xp computer but i recently upgraded to vista and now it doesn’t work. Does anyone know a way to install it on windows vista?

  241. alex Says:

    is there an off mode instead of standby or do you have to replace the battery every time you use it???

  242. Mike Says:

    No off mode…the battery keeps the memory running so you don’t lose your pictures/videos. I took my battery out and now it only works when plugged in to the computer. It’s cheap, so whatever.

  243. Hugo Says:

    I am South American, I bought a digital cam in the USA to give my daughter to him. The camera is a Philips P44418, but there am lost drivers. . where I can find them online? Helpme! thanks!

  244. karim Says:


  245. karim Says:


  246. karim Says:

    help help help help help help help help help help ……………………………………..I NEED THE KEYCHAIN PHILIPS CAMERA’S DRIVER …. SAIDKARIM2@HOTMAIL.COM THANK YOU IN ADVANCE …… help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help

  247. Keisha Says:

    Okay, i lost my cd to my pink camra and i really need to download it again. How do i download it?

  248. Amber Says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find the software i lost the cd

  249. Anonymous Says:

    this camera the PJ44416 is a piece of shit

  250. arpi Says:

    I can’t find the drivers for Philips Keychain Digital camera Model No. P44417S. Please, let me know if anyone have information about it.

  251. travis Says:

    I uploaded the drivers file off of the CD here. It is a zip file.

  252. pete J Says:

    i got a message of “The software you are using for this hardware xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has not passed windows logo testing” when i went to install the driver. it gives a choice of “continue” or “stop installation”. i stopped and i will thy to return it to walgreens or i will phone the 1-800 number on the outer package. pete johnson

  253. gilberto Says:

    hey , when i got my cam i accidently pluged in the camera first but i needed to play install the the program through disk , i need to uninstall the software but i dont know how i can only un install the program , can you tell me how to fix my problem?

  254. Katie Says:

    Does anyone know where I can install the program for the Philips Keychain Digital Camera F2.8 f=3.9?? I lost the CD. =/ E-mail me at with subject My Cam CIF if you know where. Thanks! =D ~Katie~

  255. massed gadgets Says:

    does this thing work for mac? i cant find any drivers for it? what program can i use this with for mac?

  256. DoctorBill Says:

    I finally got it to work with XP.

    Had “Driver Open Fail” all the time.

    Here is what I did….

    Allowed CD Setup to load. Left CD in CD-ROM drawer. Connected Camera to root USB connector. Camera says “PC” Windows box came up – said new device. Waited. Allowed XP to find drivers – it searched. Drivers loaded on by themselves. Clicked Icon – WORKS.

    I think one needs to allow XP to do its thing. Takes some time.

    Anyway – it now works off of the Icon.

  257. DoctorBill Says:

    If you want to erase all your memory load of pictures after downloading them – take the battery out for a few minutes!

  258. DoctorBill Says:

    If you follow these instructions exactly, you can empty the camera of pictures!

    To purge the camera of shots you have taken, push the button on the front of the camera until “CA” appears, then push the button on the top of the camera. The display starts blinking, prompting you to confirm that you want the pictures deleted. Push the top button again to delete the last image (CL) or all the images (CA).

    Repeat – push the top button again as the display blinks!

    Not a bad camera…..

    Let XP find the drivers when you FIRST start the Icon….then it works.


  259. Pamela Says:

    Ok if you have the disk I can help, I know how to get the pictures,

    First I have to say if you use you ubs port for anything else, make sure you have the disc for that item, if you install this camera, you will need to reinstall the disk when you use the other items in the ubs port. If you don’t have backup disc do not install this if you ever want to use the other item again. I don’t know if this will mess anything up, I just know this worked on my compaq presario windows xp that is all I know. If you do this and it screws up your computer, don’t blame me I just know it worked on mine. But every time I want to use my web cam I have to reinstall the disc. so if you still want to do it try this

    go to my computer right click on the disk drive with the disk in choose explore once there you will see folders click on driver click on set up it will ask to install and install it. it told me to restart my computer but I didn’t and it still worked. It will change the fancy program to a generic one but you can now see the crappy photos. yes, mine were not worth the trouble of this so this is your warning. I have to say, I tried it in more light and for a 10 camera it worked pretty good, just have lots of light. Hope this helps

    also if you want to delete the pics just take out the batteries and the pictures are gone.

  260. Andre Says:

    Can anyone post a download link to MyCam for this camera? I lost the CD I believe so. My Dad might know where it is but he’s not home till later tonight.

    I use Windows XP Home Edition. Anyone got a link for the MyCam program so I can upload pics? Thanks in advance.

  261. Neil Says:

    The drivers are available from Philips under the model number P444417W (on the Back of the Camera) They only give you a disk image (.ISO File) that must be burn on to a CD-ROM.

  262. lbshortypants Says:

    have wedding pictures on digital keychain camera that requires PHOTAGS software to get to the pics. the camera acts as a web cam as well as a camera. please help before my batteries die and i lose the pictures!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!

  263. luz Says:

    please, anyone who have an installer or software of my philips digital camera P44417B, i lost my cd,great thanks!!!

  264. Victor Says:

    I need the software of Philips Keychain Digital camera if anyone has it please mail it to me or mail the url were is it. Thank you.

  265. denise Says:

    where do u go in the camera to make a video

  266. Taylor Says:

    Yeah, I have a few questions. How do you make it work as a webcam? How do you make videos? and how can you hack it to like make the videos longer or giving it better technology??

    Pleasssse anwer! just post another comment answering.

  267. Felicia Says:

    Hey, If anyone would be generous enough to send the driver/software…E-mail me. It would be highly appreciated, thank you!

  268. thenya Says:

    please send me the warning precautions of the argus.

  269. arhz Says:

    i just received the philips digital keychain camera P44417S and want to see the results..i’m using a g4 powerbook i’ve tried all the drivers recommended and nothing works please help.. thank you…

  270. nadhine Says:

    ..i have no installer of this camera

  271. nart Says:

    i can download the driver for my keychain philip camera. help me to download it.

  272. Mike S Says:

    Thought I would give my 2 cents. I got this thing (My girlfriend’s Philips P44417B keychain digital camera), to work in Windows XP Pro, no problem (No Surprise either). Then I went about getting it to work in gentoo linux (also on her PC), that was a little more difficult but after reading the man page and stuff for gphoto2 it was pretty easy. Then not to long ago I gave her my Macintosh PPC with OS X 10.4.6 (.10 now) and I went about building gphoto2 on it also. At the time of writing this post I have just used it in OS X, I followed the way that darwinports (Mac Ports) installs the stuff and did it by hand. I have binaries of the libraries and such if people are interested, email me at, or just use darwinports to build it yourself, a little harder and you need to know more about the terminal than you do to install my packages. As an after thought Fink probably has them too, I haven’t looked though.

  273. Freddy Nart Says:

    I have lost my software for my keychain digital camera. So please i want to help me to send me one of the CD software to used to install my keychain digital camera. this my address. Freddy Nart CAMISCO P.O.Box 131 Ashaiman Ghana


  274. josh Says:

    yeah, i have the camera and the USB port. I have no downloader disk though, were would i download it?

  275. pablo Says:

    Necesito saber como instalar el software para esta camara

  276. ronald Says:

    i have this camera and its a shame there is no help anywhere lol well i can download my pic but i can only save one at time it wont let me save all even though i make that selecetion i still have to go back and save each one yup one real crapy cam and it wont show up as a web cam for me but at least i can take pics and it was a gift so i figure they must have hate it and just passed it on lol

  277. Ray Says:

    I found the manual on Phillips’ websire as a downloadable PDF, here:

    The video has lined in it because the default setting is 50hz. Set it to 60hz and that will clear it up. Why? Electrical current in the US is 60hz, and the electrical noise generated by the wiring nearby is cancelled out by the matching setting.

  278. EvilHom3r Says:

    This camera sucks. A) the drivers fail most of the time, i cant even download pics from it anymore. People report (and i have found) that this camera stops working after a week or so. B) like 5 different manufacturs make this (mine is GEMINI). id rather just buy a webcam and digital camera seperatley.

    Heres a pic of mine with a (real) camera (FujiFilm FinePix):

  279. Dee Says:

    Once you install the software MyCam CIF plug the camera in. Go to My Computer click on view system information, select Hardware tab, select Device Manger, open Imaging devices folder (the camera will be listed here), right click and select properties, click on Driver tab, select update driver, find the folder where you installed the MyCam software and the driver will be listed. Once this is done then unplug camera and plug it back in and restart the MyCam software. You will now be able to download the photos.

  280. mz.badazz Says:

    i dont know wtf im doing with this camera..its too confusing and i dont understand it…i have no insturctions or anything cause i found it in my bro’s room. can anyone tell me or help me get started with it plzzzzzzz!!!!

  281. cyrustony Says:

    You can get this working XP. I uploaded it to Unzip with winzip to a folder. Then choose “setup.exe” To install restart Use windows “Help” to enter Device manager- Then find “update driver” Windows will install the driver. restart again connect camera I am cyrustony on YouTube and you can find me there. Best JJ

    key words: mini camera, key chain cam, phillips keychain cam, camera. magnavox keychain camera. innovage camera driver, keychain camera driver, toy camera, MY DSC, CIF Camera Driver, MY CAM Driver.

  282. Allison Says:

    I need the Drivers for the camera that I just bought.Its saying that the DRIVERS OPEN HAS FAILED..Can anyone help me get the right DRIVERS so I can download my pictures to my Computer..Thanks

  283. solomon Says:

    afriend of mine send to me this camera digital pj44416 to use but its soft ware as me to enter the code in the back of the cd but he didi not send it how do i use it with my pc from solomon ambasodor for peace

    ring +254734662078

  284. nyshera Says:

    how do i get the picture to apper on the computer

  285. bubba Says:

    How the heck could practically everybody here have lost their CD with the drivers? Jeez…

  286. greg Says:

    I have the updated software and user manualfor P44417S. It took 2x to install but all of the drivers work. It actually is a sort of decent camera for the boys to use. I did find it hard to read the manual (small type) i guess i am getting old. If i can help anyone with a copy let me know.

  287. jan Says:

    my little cam p44417b does work and it does everything that it says it does and i get great pictures with it also. only one problem i lost the damned cd when moving and i really need to know where to get the cd at online. will somebody please help me and let me know where i can go to get the cd at online through phillips please. here is my email address: thanks to all that helps me.

  288. heida Says:

    Hey, my camera key chain thingy isnt working I followed the rules to this point where I just dont get! It is when installing the availasoft but the windows dont appear on it, and I go to the start menu and run but then it makes no sense! what do I do?

  289. abster Says:


  290. Big G Says:

    Appears to be the same camera as the Sakar International “Spy Shot” model 56379 (or 56379-MX)

    They have drivers online at (maybe will work for other brands??)

    Found mine in K-mart’s toy department (appropriate). Fun cam, though, for $5.

  291. musa Says:

    i want you to send gemini keychain digital camera drivers

  292. BOBBY Says:

    Hello! There is no CD or software with this camera people! Geez! It’s basically crap. Let me know when there is a class action suit. Put my name on it.



  293. Jennifer Says:

    this camera works perfect =] i bought mine in staples for like around $20.00 but no matter how you look at it, it is a toy. however i think the voice recordings (i dont know if the phillips one has the feature) is exceptionally good. it actually sounds decent! and in bright lights the pictures turn out really well =D im having a lot of fun with it!

  294. Andreas Says:

    If someone can helpme sending me the drivers for the PHILIPS KEYCHAIN DIGITAL CAMERA F2.8 f=3.9, thank you… my mail is

  295. Abe Says:

    this link never fails. i had this cam for almost a year now and just left it laying around cuz couldnt get the pics off of it. its good for your quick pics for your skyblog. (when there is light (outside is better lol) )

  296. Abe Says:

    this link never fails. i had this cam for almost a year now and just left it laying around cuz couldnt get the pics off of it. its good for your quick pics for your skyblog. (when there is light (outside is better lol) )

  297. Kayla Says:

    How do you clear the memory

  298. Maria Says:

    Please help me. We have the Philips Keychain Digital Camera and we cannot find the installation software anywhere to install it and view my duaghters pictures. I have tried the links on the site to down load and it tells me it is an empty box. Can you e-mail me a way I can download the intallation Software for this Camera. Thank you so much, Maria

  299. Michelle Says:

    Someone please help me! I lost the cd that came with this camera. It’s the exact same camera as the picture posted at the very top of this forum. I’ve tried many of the links suggested but most of them were no longer working. If someone could please please send me a link of where I can download the software, it’d be greatly appreciated because I’ve been looking every where and haven’t found a good download. Email me at I really hope someone reads this because most of the posts were old..! Hope to hear from someone soon, thanks!

  300. Paul Says:

    I just got the Philips camera and am trying to get it to work but so far I’ve been getting that driver unable to open problem. I was going to primarily use this as a webcam. Do you need the battery in the camera if you’re using it as a webcam or will it draw power from the usb port?

  301. Jessicca Says:

    Hey there so umm ya i bought one of these little cameras an my mother is a clean freak an wasnt paying attention an she threw away my software to install it on my computer. Do any of you know a website i could possbaly go to. That will help me install it on my computer? if so e-mail me back at

  302. rose Says:

    just bought this cam,today.the pics are distorted and i cant find them on my pc anywhere after the download,can anyone help me with this problem or did i just make a bad buy

  303. Jann Says:

    I can’t remember where I got mine, but I love it! I also have a little one about the size of a carpenter’s pencil. I have the driver for the Philips on my laptop and have had no problem uploading them. The pics are really good quality comparatively.

  304. Jann Says:

    I just found the driver for this camera on the Philips site. Go to support and type in your product, in this case, P44417S, then on the left there is a link to drivers/software. You have to download the entire CD, 17.9m, but it is worth it.

  305. Joseph Stalin Says:

    You guys are a bunch of nubs.

    Not only did I get this camera to install error free (READ THE GOD DAMNED INSTRUCTIONS) but it also takes much better pictures than my cell phone.

    The store I work in had these in stock so I bought it as a semi-joke and it is crappier than I expected. It is regularly $55. If I paid that for it I would molatov Cocktail the store and the producer of this product. However, since I paid 9 dollars for it, I will enjoy it as my little joke camera. I was kind of hoping I could use it to take pictures of my daily outings but it’s too shitty for that, so instead it works excellent as a portable webcam.

  306. Norah Says:

    I just purchased this little camera, and I get the message “driver open fail”. Can anyone help me to get this thing to work? I’ve read here that some people are able to use this camera, however I can not. I’ve tried with the software that came with it, and also with the software recommended here on Feb. 22 and still the same problem “Driver Open Fail” Please someone help :-) Thank you in advance, Norah

  307. nancy Says:

    I have this camera too and I have the same problem someone please send me the directions on how to get the pics off this camera and onto my desktop HELP PLEASE

  308. kyle Says:

    i have this chain camera but the problem is it will not work when i will put it in the computer bcoz it needs the driver.. i’ve lost the software… cam you please give me a site where i can download a driver for this cam…..

  309. keliata Says:

    I have a similar keychain cam–JDC 5 mini digital camera. There’s a Chinese company that makes them and distributes them to various companies. I had no problem installing the software or downloading to My Documents.

    The photos have come out pretty nice with no trouble using the Ulead Photo Express to download the photos to my computer.

    I even took a brief video clip with it and uploaded it to You Tube (AVI).

    When you first capture the video clip it looks like snow but when you play it on Real Player or Windows Media you can see the footage.

    I also made a music video with Windows movie maker and uploaded it to You Tube. The photos were taken with the keychain cam during a fierce hail storm. Overall…all things considered…it’s a pretty good little camera for $13, but it has wetted my appetite for a more expensive one which takes longer video clips.

    I’ll be getting a real digital for a present.

    The only downpoint with the cheapie cam is the viewfinder–wide shots are great, close-ups terrible.

  310. luba Says:

    can someome please email me the driver – the address is ltur@OPTONLINE.NET. Lost my CD

  311. Neillie Says:


    Lord and heavens above. MacBook, Leopard, Intel.

    Go and get the most recent Macam. Seems to be fine!

  312. Ron Says:

    posted by: Ron at august 24 10:28am I was uptight about my Philips Keychain Digital Camera driver for XP, because I lost the setup disk, then I found it! If anyone is interested in a copy. Send a SASE & moneyorder for $10.00 to Ron, 715 Littlewin, Spicewood, Tx. 78669, and I will send you a duplicate of the original setup disk.

  313. Brent Says:

    Ok if you are having the “driver open fail” thing all you have to do is get the cd image and burn it to a cd by using magiciso then enter it on your computer and open the add hardware setup and it will fix it.

  314. Mr Ariza Says:

    I have a GEMINI Keychain digital camera and need a driver or any software to use it. does anybody can help me? I don t know which one to download. It s like the one in the pic above just the make is different (gemini). thanks

  315. Steve Says:

    I bought this and was at first disappointed. Once I learned how to use it I love it. Only five bucks. The reviewer and some of you do not recognize the letter E has part of it removed and is a T for the self timer. St is close to how it looks but dummies think it is still an E with somthing missing. It is a t made from an E. The key to using this camera is plenty of light and holding it steady. The self timer will work to solve that if you place it in a stable position. The video is great. I could not get the CA or delete to work so I just remove the battery for a few seconds and it clears fine. I have one complaint and it is that I could not get it to work as a web cam with any software. I will keep trying. I think it is a cool little camera. Be patient and learn how to use it before coming off as a dummy that can’t innovate.

  316. Bell 007 Spy Camera Says:

    I have the same camera under the BELL brand. it also is under ARGUS, Minolta, and Philips (Blue casing too) Great little camera, if you get a failed msg plug it into the other USB port and it will work. Also works flawlessly with LINUX using F-Spot and will load your pics right into FLICKr, PICASA, etc. my BELL brand has the highest internal memory of all the brands and is marketed for car accident doc for insurance or just for fun. I have an expensive PENTAX 6megapix camera but find this little one just so much fun! One guy made a silent movie 1900’s style! really cool vid! IF anyone needs the software I can supply it free, or check our F-Spot for Linux (THE BOMB!) I have not been this creative with a camera since my fully manual PENTAX using B&W film, or FUJI colour film. If you can’t get the little camera to work for you, wait till Apple builds an idiot proof cam that anyone can use 😉 OH AND BATTERIES, buy 800-900 miliamp hrs Energizer rechargables (green and silver batteries) the little Philips/BELL cameras will take all the photos it can hold 4x over or 4X20highest res pic setting it can handle. THERE IS YOUR BATTERY ANSWER KIDS 😉

  317. Allen Ussher Says:

    I was just able to get my Vivitar Mini Digital Camera working in OS X by installing MacPorts and then using MacPorts to install gphoto2. This method may also work for this camera. My Vivitar looks just lik the Philips camera pictured here.

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