My Lego Camera’s Cousin


As far as I know, Koen Beets is the first person to build a camera out of Legos from the directions I posted back in November. I was glad to learn about some of the tweaks Koen made to his version of my medium format Lego pinhole camera. Most notably, he was able to make it light-tight without using any tape! His solution was to make the walls four bricks thick. It looks pretty cool, and Koen has taken some pretty cool photos with it, too. Go on over to and check it out.

5 Responses to “My Lego Camera’s Cousin”

  1. stuutekeer Says:

    Thanks for the link, and for your fantastic lego-design !

  2. kairin Says:


    i’m glad i found this…

    i’m gonna set on making my own lego camera as a project for myself

    thanks man~!

  3. Ed Kohler Says:

    You should come to the Mall of America and throw down at Legoland. There is a lot of potential here for some great PR.

    San Diego’s Legoland would be good too, but I think the MOA may be an even better place to show off your Lego skills.

  4. Veronica Says:

    How can i make a camera? i have a PC, windows ME. does that matter>?

  5. Benjamin Remme Says:

    At last! I’ve been seeking information and facts on lego for a time and found it, my son will likely to be thrilled!

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