Another Lego Camera Siting

full.jpg One of the most rewarding things about my Lego camera project is seeing people taking my ideas and making them their own. George B, Bristol is the most recent person to share their Lego camera with me. George was kind enough to provide his Ldraw files that he made in LeoCad if you would like to see how his camera differs from my design.

Right click to save the LeoCad files to your computer: Main Body Outer Body

Thanks, George!

Below are some screenshots of George’s camera. I really like his solution for preventing the film advance mechanism from unwinding. main body.jpg inside.jpg outer.jpg

If you are interested in pinhole photography, Ebay might be a good place to find a starter pinhole camera. Here are the pinhole camera auctions going on right now:

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  1. marcelo prieto Says:

    Hi, really loved you lego-pinhole, you should sell them, how much do you think it will cost? thanks a lot and congratulations, you have a great aproach to photography. greetings from mexico.

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