Agfa Isola


The Agfa Isola is a medium format camera that could easily fall into the toy camera category. However, unlike the Diana clones and the Holga, the Agfa Isola has several features that set it apart. It has a glass lens and a plastic and metal body. For a camera made from 1957 – 1963, it has a modern look to it thanks to the silver metal of the lens.

Before you can take a photo, you have to extend the lens. To avoid accidental double exposures, the shutter won’t release until the film has been advanced. It has three shutter speeds (B, 30, and 100) as well as two apertures (6.3 and 11).

When I first got this camera, the lens had some dust inside the lens. Feeling confident, after making my Holga modifications, I decided to disassemble the camera and clean the lens. This turned out to be a pretty complex task. To get to the lens, you have to remove layer after layer of tiny mechanical parts. I was able to clean the lens and put it back to gether, and was left with a real appreciation for the seemingly simple machine.

Another nice feature of the Agfa Isola is that it has arms that swing out to help load the 120 film. It is a simple feature, but if you have ever loaded a Holga, you really appreciate it. Extra bonus points go to the camera back that swings open on hinges, and has a sturdy latch that keeps the door closed.

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5 Responses to “Agfa Isola”

  1. Darren Says:

    I have one of these, it’s excellent fun.

    The best thing of all is that it cost me next to nothing so I have no fear of losing it, which means I can take it anywhere with me.

  2. RA Friedman Says:

    I just got one and it needs to be opened up and cleaned. Any advice or precautions I should observe?

  3. dan Says:

    i also found one recently, the inside of the lens looks a little dusty. how difficult exactly was it to take apart? would you recommend i just pay someone else to do it?

  4. Vlado Says:

    I have camera like this, which has not been used at all, does it have any value and is it possible to find films for it? Many greetings from Macedonia.

  5. Sheila Says:

    I have an Agfa Isola camera in its original light brown case, which it screws out of. It looks as if it is unused, or almost so. Is it of any value?

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