Pentax ZX5n


I have owned two Pentax ZX5’s. My first one was stolen, and when I had a chance to replace it, I jumped at the opportunity. The Pentax ZX5n is completely automatic, but like any good SLR, it can also be completely manual. My favorite part of this camera is that it has old-school knobs that you turn to adjust the shutter speed and ISO. For anyone who learned on a Pentax K1000, like me, this camera is very user friendly. Perhaps that is why this camera is the choice of teachers now that the K1000 is getting harder to find. If you are looking to purchase your first SLR, I highly recommend this camera.

Ebay is my favorite place to find deals on great old cameras. Here are the Pentax zx5n cameras on Ebay right now:

4 Responses to “Pentax ZX5n”

  1. Mateo Says:

    i have ZX-5n which was given by my dad on my birthday but i dont have the manual on operating this camera where can i get this thank you sir

  2. Adrian Says:

    My advice would be to check ebay. I looked real quick and saw they had a manual on cd for $5. There might be something on the Pentax website as well. Good luck.

  3. BAxter Says:

    Check they have manuals in pdf format, all way way back…

  4. maia Says:

    its good to know that you are recommending such kind of camera. it really helped me think about the kind of camera i should use for a first in photo journalism. hmmmm..but the thing is i really dont have the right budget and my mother wouldn’t buy me any. do you know of where i can still find that kind of model of camera?? where i could purchase it cheaper if possible?? :)

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