Hole-On Ex


My friend Bennett gave me the perfect gift last weekend. He found a pinhole camera kit at a bookstore and past the treasure on to me. It is called a Hole-On Ex (don’t ask me why) and it is pretty easy to put together. The instructions say it only takes 2 hours, but that seems a little unrealistic. I used Elmer’s glue, so maybe you could save some time with a faster drying glue!

In my haste to test it out, I forgot to reinforce some of the walls with the included black paper. After wasting a roll of 35mm film, I used my aluminum tape to be extra sure there weren’t any leaks. The Hole-On Ex is a welcome addition to my ever growing camera collecion.

Ebay is my favorite place to find deals on great old cameras. Here are the pinhole cameras on Ebay right now:

4 Responses to “Hole-On Ex”

  1. Brian Says:

    I’m not too particularly fond of the thinness of the cardboard construction of this camera, but it is quite interesting. It took me an hour or so to build, but I agree about the glue. I tried using doublesided tape instead but that kind of went messy. Check out the Japanese P-Sharan PP35. That one is a winner :)

  2. oona Says:

    where did you get this.. it says my name on it.. i need one!! cheersi cant cant seem to use any of the links on this page.

  3. Nina Says:


    My dad gave me one of these as a gift a little while ago. I have assembled it (and it took forever). What I’m wondering now is how to get the film out of the camera once I’m done. Did you just rewind your film in a darkroom a black bag or something? Thanks!


  4. Lelia Says:

    Hi there! I’ve got this interesting camera from my friend as well. However, I’m not sure how to use it properly. May I ask how much do you turn the ‘rewinding’ thing after each photos taken. Do you just do it randomly with estimation or something? and I have the same question as the lady above, how can you take the film out afterwards? Thanks so much for your attention and sorry about the disturbance caused but I really want to know.

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