Canon EOS 5D

Canon_EOS_5D.jpg The Canon EOS 5D: the digital camera you have been dreaming about. No, I am not fortunate to own one of these, but the company I work for does and I have been playing with it for the last few weeks. Wow. This is the most expensive camera I have ever used, and probably the best. If you can afford this piece of equipment, I highly recommend it. Amazon sells the body for $3,000 and the 24-105mm lens for another $1,200. Unfortunately that is just the beginning and you start to see that this camera can easily become a money pit. You will most likely need accessories. For example, it doesn’t have a built-in flash, so an external flash is probably a good idea. At 12.8 megapixels, storage quickly becomes an issue, too. The camera is so fast even at the highest setting that a 2gb card gets filled very fast. In addition to a couple large compact flash cards, you will probably need an external harddrive for your computer. Even 200gb will get filled faster than you would expect. You should probably upgrade your version of Photoshop. An extra lens or two wouldn’t hurt. The battery pack is pretty cool. It never ends. However, if you have the money, this is an amazing camera.

Ebay is a great place to shop for the Canon EOS 5D. Here’s what is on Ebay right now:

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