Double Exposures On Found Film

I thought I would share with you the story behind the double exposures that I posted recently. I friend gave me an old 35mm camera that was on the 15th frame. It was going to cost $15 in batteries to get the camera to turn on, and it didn’t seem like it was worth it judging by the condition of the camera. I decided to take the camera in the closet, pop open the back and manually rewind the film. Then I loaded the film into my trusty Pentax. At this point I was faced with a tough decision. I could advance the film beyond the 15 exposures and see what was on the roll, or I could take 15 photos on top of the unknown pictures and hope something cool comes out. I have dug through enough “found photography” to know that the majority of snapshots are garbage, so I decided to have some fun and make some double exposures.

As expected, the results were hit and miss. Some images were completely useless, and some were complex and interesting. Here are a few of the better images, click on them if you want to see a larger version. Cat_Window_b.jpg Bike_Flowers_b.jpg Sunflower_Double_b.jpg

One of the joys of photography is never knowing what you are going to get. If you find yourself getting bored by your photos, or are looking a way to bring some spontaneity into your work, I suggest experimenting with double exposures. Take a roll of film and run it through your camera twice. Better yet, a Holga is cheap and perfect for double exposures. It might be just the creative spark that adds some excitement and fun back into your picture making.

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