How To Build a Digital Pinhole Camera (Update)

Before I was known as “the guy who makes pinhole cameras out of Legos” I was experimenting with making digital pinhole cameras. The easy way to do this is to replace the lens of a digital SLR with a pinhole body cap, but the hard way is to make a camera obscura in a box and use a digital camera to take a picture of the pinhole’s “projection.”

I was impressed when a computer crowd took note of my work, and now it looks like some science guys are having fun with my ideas, too. The Science Buddies website has taken my concept and tutorial and expanded it into a step-by-step tutorial perfect for a science fair project. Cool! When I was in grade school I remember the years alternating between science fairs and art fairs. I dreaded the science years and loved the art years, so I think it is great that I can finally contribute something to “the other side.” I even got an email from a student who tackled this project and got an “A” on the assignment. My sixth grade teacher Mrs. Luedloff would be proud of me.

If you are interested in pinhole photography, Ebay might be a good place to find a starter pinhole camera. Here are the pinhole camera auctions going on right now:

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    I am doing this project for my school science fair and I am having trouble grasping this whole idea. I amm buying a PocketPhoto Ultra Compact DigiCam and I was wondering if you can get a list of approved point-and-shoot cameras for this project. :]]

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