For the Love of Film

In preparation for my camping trip last week I stopped at Sam’s Club to stock up on 35mm film. Not finding the film aisle, I asked the person at the photo counter. My suspicions were confirmed when he explained that two weeks earlier Sam’s stopped stocking 35mm film. My heart sank. I know that eventually digital will completely replace film. It’s just a matter of time. I have nothing against digital, and I would actually love to have a really nice digital camera. Still, it is sad to see the decline of film.

I was reminded how much I love film this week as I watched a slideshow of family photos. The slides were projected onto a white sheet taped to the side of a cabin. The colors were so warm and the photos were so beautiful. The aged slides were a living document, showing the effects of time. The dust, the color shifts, the less than perfect exposures, the scratches, all the imperfections made the images more than just pictures. These were actual artifacts of something real. I think that is what is really lost with the transition to digital. When you look at your digital pictures in 50 years they will look exactly the same – pixel for pixel – as the day you took the picture.

Here are some of the auctions on Ebay for expired film that you might be interested in:

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