Book Giveaway: Fundamentals of Photography by Tom Ang

Fundamentals_of_photography.jpgThe endless debates about whether “film is dead” or “digital sucks” are fine for late night debates and chat room rants, but anyone really serious about making pictures isn’t served by picking sides in a pointless war. Fundamentals of Photography: The Essential Handbook for Both Digital and Film Cameras is a new book by Tom Ang that puts an emphasis on “digital and film cameras.” Rather than picking a side in the pointless battle between digital and film users, this book gives practical advice that any photographer can benefit from.

When it comes right down to it you need a practical manual if you want to take better pictures. You need a book that you can turn to when you want to know “how did they do that?” Whether you are learning the fundamentals for the first time or are just looking to expand on what you already know, a browse through this book can’t help but improve your photos. Your photos will improve when you understand light better. It will improve when you understand how your camera works. It will improve when you learn the history as well as the latest advancements. It will improve when you know what to do with your image after you take the picture. All these things are covered in this book and it is written in easy to understand language.

In many ways, this is a book that couldn’t have been written five years ago. The digital revolution has been a whirlwind and I think we are just finally starting to understand the implications. Digital isn’t something to rebel against, and film isn’t something to throw out the window.

Being the kind of person who would rather hack together pieces of old cameras than baby an expensive piece of machinery, you may be surprised that I would endorse a traditional kind of book that focuses on the fundamentals of photography. Actually, I find an easy-toiread manual really inspiring. A firm grasp of the basics is essential before you can improvise and dance. The Fundamentals of Photography is a welcome addition to my photo library and I recommend you pick it up. It’s available from Amazon for about $17.

Also, I have a copy of the book to give away. Leave your name in the comments of this post and I will randomly pick a winner at the end of November. Just make sure to put a real email address in the comment form and I will contact the winner at the end of December. To make it a little more interesting, tell us what kind of camera you are learning with or what camera you learned the fundamentals of photography with. Mine was a Pentax K1000. What was your’s?

UPDATE: Congratulations to Amod Rahatkar, winner of the drawing for this book!

Here are some of the auctions on Ebay for photography books that you might be interested in:

11 Responses to “Book Giveaway: Fundamentals of Photography by Tom Ang”

  1. George L Smyth Says:

    I learned with a Nikon 5005, the first camera where I had control over the process. Over time I moved up to large format, and today work with a mix of film and digital cameras. The advantage these days is that one has a larger palette from which to choose to get the final image. this is an exciting time, and the possibilities these days are endless. The fundamentals are always going to be with us, and our final image always draws from them.

  2. Maxim Eremine Says:

    Learning photography with: a) Digital – Olympus E-500 b) Film – Minolta XG-1 and Minolta SRT-201

  3. Cenk Says:

    Hi, I greatly enjoy your blog and would love to win the book. I’m learning with an Olympus E-300.

    Greets, Cenk

  4. Patrick Says:

    Congrats on the redesign. It looks very elegant, clean, and professional. I’ve been doing all my work on a Pentax K10D with a set of primes. The newest one is a Pentax 35mm f2.8 Macro limited lens. On the crop sensor it’s right at the normal focal length and has completely changed my shooting habits.

  5. Gabriel Says:

    Hey Adrian! Love your blog, and I dig the new site. Clean and simple. I’ve been trying to master the basics on my dad’s old Canon AE-1 Program and my Canon Digital Rebel XT, and also built a lego camera for a friend who traveled to Europe a few months ago and am in the process of building another one for myself. I’m partial to the film side of things, but lately I’ve found myself wanting to explore digital more. Cool idea having a giveaway, my fingers are crossed!

  6. Amod Rahatkar Says:

    Hi, I am also a photography enthusiast. I have a Sony Cybershot H7. I am desparate to improve on my photography and to improvise with my camera. I don’t even know enough to be able to use all the modes of the camera. Most of the photos that I capture are in “AUTO” mode :)

    Thanks a lot for all the info you have put on your blog.

    Cheers, Amod Rahatkar

  7. Jim Says:

    Great stuff here! I even added one of your photos to my tumblelog; see the link! Thanks!

  8. the_wolf_brigade Says:

    It’s such a shame I didn’t discover your site earlier! The exchange rate with the AU$ is not so good right now, but that book has been on my wishlist since I heard about it a few months back.

    Without the rise in digital technology I wouldn’t be where I am today. While I initially started with a Pentax SPII I found it easier when I switched to a Fuji finepix S6500fd. However once I’d learnt the basics on the digital the obsession began…currently I’m trying to teach myself the facets of large format on my newly acquired Horseman 45FA, but I’m also trying to explore the limits of toy cameras and get my head around building a medium format pinhole camera….

  9. Amod Rahatkar Says:

    Dear Adrian,

    Thanks a lot for this offer. I am feeling lucky :-)

    Thanks once again !

    Cheers, Amod

  10. Gabriela Anderson Says:

    Hi. I just came across your website…intriguing. Are you an online based agency online or do you print? Where or do whom do the photos featured belong to? ‘Found’ meaning you are sent work? Do you allow work to be sumitted, prizes for the best photo of the year/month? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: How does one go about trying to win this little treasure book??




  11. emeka udenka Says:

    i want this book on my knees

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