The New and Improved Found Photography Site

I am proud to announce the launch of the new design for I invite you to update your RSS feeds and take a look around my new site. Honestly, the first design was pretty much thrown together because I didn’t know what I wanted this site to be. As I have collected my thoughts and gained some focus to my work as a photographer over the last 3+ years I am finally at a place where I can structure the site around my work and Ideas. Hopefully this will be a better experience for my readers and I am excited to get back into the routine of camera dissection. 

A few notes about the redesign, I made a switch from a Movable Type powered blog to WordPress. I have been using WordPress almost exclusively as a content management system for over a year now and it has won me over so much that I can’t imagine going back to Movable Type. 

A big part of the redesign has to do with Flickr. I have always been hesitant to embrace Flickr completely because I didn’t want to compete with myself on this site. I don’t want to post every photo twice and I don’t want to confuse my visitors. The solution to my dilemma came from researching WordPress plugins that interact with Flickr. I hit the jackpot when I discovered Flickr Photo Album which is probably the best WordPress plugin I have ever used. It allows me to host all my photos on Flickr and it automatically mirrors the information here on my blog. Flickr Photo Album works with custom templates and I plan on making my WordPress Theme available for free some time in the future. 

I should warn you that I am launching this site probably a tad prematurely. Much of the finishing touches of a redesign are easier to test and fix “live,” so I apologize if anything is funky. I am still cleaning things up in my code, so I appreciate your patience and should have everything working smoothly real soon.

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  1. Simanek Says:

    I completely agree with the need to understand what the site IS to have an ultimately satisfying design. I just reworked shutter13 and, more recently, my little blog site. That’s one major benefit of having a CMS: You can build your content first and then design the site in response to the organic growth of the content. There’s a big difference between what would be ‘cool to do’ and what turns out to be practical or engaging for an ongoing period of time.

    Nice redesign though. Looks sharp!

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