Solargraphs: Extremely Long Exposures


As I continue to explore solargraphy, I wanted to show you my latest experiment. After about two months sitting in front of my house, I finally couldn’t wait any longer to see if my extra long exposure would turn out. The photo above is a solargraph taken with a pinhole camera using photo paper as the “negative.” The streaks in the sky are the sun as it passes through the air. If you missed my first post explaining what a solargraph is, you can read it here.

If you would like to see a bigger version of this photo you can see it on Flickr by clicking here.

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  1. Diego Lopez Calvin Says:

    Hi, i have found your site by chance and I am astonished by your work, thanks. they are nice Solarigraphs. Please join us in a new Solargraphy projects in Facebook:

    And Flickr:

    Much Sun


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