5 Essential Things You need to Do to Capture Excellent Group Photos

Taking photographs of a large number of people can be a huge, challenging task. However, with the right tools, knowledge, and most important of all, attitude, you can make your group photo shoots a lot more fun and easier not only for you but for your subjects as well.  Apply the five essential tips listed below, and you will surely be able to capture excellent group photos.


1. Choose the Right Location.

If there is an opportunity for you to choose a location for the photo shoot, then select a place that is not distracting. For instance, houses and buildings are not good as backgrounds since they tend to take away the viewers’ attention from the people and into them. Instead, look for a place that is virtually free of clutter such as an open field. On the other hand, if you’re in a situation wherein you do not have control over the location of the photo shoot, such as an indoor party, then aim for a certain area within the venue that has few distractions.


2. Take a lot of photos. 

Before, photographers were reluctant to take a lot of photos during their shoots because of the costs associated with the films and having the images developed. As such, they do everything in order for them to capture the perfect photos. However, times have changed.

The advent of digital photography means that you can take as many pictures as you like, delete the ones that are ugly, and save the ones that are desirable without having to worry about the costs. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take as many photos as you can and choose the ones that are good at the end of day.


3. Apply the triangle method.

The triangle method simply means visualising and placing your subjects in triangles. To be more exact, this method requires you to make sure that the faces of your subjects are not very close with each other during the group photo shoots. Doing so will help you to utilise light in a more effective way since it will hit your subjects in a more even manner, resulting into sharper photographs.


4. Avoid using wide angle lenses as much as possible.

Though wide angle lenses seem more appropriate for group photos, they have the tendency to cause distortion to the images. Instead, choose other lenses such as the 70-200 mm or the 24-70 mm. Though the 70-200 mm also compresses the photos, and does it in a beautiful, complimentary way. Other primes which you can use during your group photo shoots are 135 mm and 50 mm.


5. Think outside the box.

If you really want to capture interesting group photos, then you need to let your creative juices flow; think outside the box. Instead of taking pictures in the same angles, why not try different ones? For instance, you can stand in an elevated ground and take the photo from above. Or instead of changing your camera’s angles, why not position your subjects in a unique, flattering way that will somehow convey a message, a thought, or an emotion. Remember, this is one aspect of taking group photos wherein you can demonstrate your skills and originality, so make good use of it.

There you have it–the five essential things you need to do to capture excellent group photos. Apply them today, and you will surely be able to capture images that you can be proud of.

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